Friday, 30 August 2013

Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara Review

Hey Everyone!

So, by this stage, you will probably know of my addition to mascara. I try out many, many different kinds in the hope of finding my HG and I think at the moment I have around 7 open (eek!). Now, far be it for me to refuse the drugstore praise, as I buy most of my makeup, there but when it comes to mascaras I think high end brands do it much better.
A mascara I've been absolutely loving lately is the Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara. I have the sample size (possibly from bonus time a while back) and I have been using it daily for the past few weeks.

The packaging is what you'd expect from Clinique: clean and simple. The writing has actually rubbed off the tube which I found surprising as this usually wouldn't happen with higher quality products but I'm just putting it down to the fact I use it so often and I've had it a while. 

The brush is the perfect shape and size for coating hard-to-reach lashes and gives you a lot of control. It goes on very easily and dries fairly quickly but you can then continue to apply it without clumping. It separates, flares, lengthens and defines lashes amazingly. It also holds a curl pretty well. In my opinion ticking even a few of those boxes is impressive. Admittedly, I have other mascaras which are more dramatic and volumizing, but this can be layered for a more intense effect.
It strikes the perfect balance between staying power and being easy to remove. It doesn't quite stay precisely in place all day (there is very slight smudging on the bottom lash line- though remember I have oily eyelids) but there are definitely no panda eyes or flaking. Its also very, very easy to remove compared to They're Real or Telescopic. I'd say its about 4/10 effort points to take off. 

The only downside of this mascara is the £16.50 price tag. I do think its worth it though- after all, its only a few pounds more than some drugstore ones and its pretty cheap compared to other high end mascaras.

I absolutely love this (and Clinique mascaras in general) and will definitely repurchase after I get through my many, many mascara tubes. 

Have you tried it? What do you think of it?
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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My Summer In Pictures

Hey Everyone!

In line with my 'end of summer' themed posts, today I'm going to share a few (or 21) snaps from over the summer! Apologies for some of them being bad quality as they were taken on my phone. I know 'summer', the season, doesn't technically end till well into September (yeah later than I thought too!) but to me summer = time off school. Maybe that's why it seems so short compared to other seasons.
 This was in Edinburgh very soon after my exams- the holidays hadn't started but in my mind they had! I stumbled upon this gorgeous shabby chic bathroom in Jenners and I literally wanted it all. I always worry that when I get a flat/ house there will be no variety of decor at all because I only like one style- shabby chic. 
At the beginning of June we had some amazingly sunny days! I loved wearing my £1 Primark wayfarer sunglasses!
This was the day I sat in my garden in the sun for about an hour and made a daisy chain. I took an alternative approach to it though and used a kirbie instead of my nail to make holes in the stems. It actually worked really well! Sadly the daisys began to wither within a few hours but I managed to preserve them by pressing them!
Despite my short, horrible looking nails- I love this picture! Its soo summery and cute.
Remember I had "Use fake tan" on my summer bucket list? Well I used it. And then some. I went for the dark St. Moriz because I usually need at least 4 coats of the medium for it to make the slightest difference. Fair to say my friends were a little taken aback when I came out this colour as apposed to my usual milk bottle white. It was pretty severe at first but after a couple of rinses it was really really nice!
This pretty much sums up how I spent my time before Africa. Eat, TV, eat, TV. It was fab!
This is just some of the piles and piles of stuff I needed for Africa. I think I actually used about 1/10 of the stuff I brought!
I had a superb birthday this year. It was a really quiet, family celebration and was perfect.
Yes. This is what happens when I'm bored and get my hands on my elf palette.
I had this in a fancy ice cream place having a catch up with friends. It was, as you can probably imagine, amazing.
I look a bit scary here haha! I had a fight with my enormous mosquito net. I won. Muaha.
My backpack was literally like carrying another person- I didn't know if I was going to tip backwards or forwards.
This was on Safari. I don't even need to caption this- its just so spectacular that it speaks for itself.
Again, the most beautiful and remarkable picture. My view of Mt. Kilimanjaro on my last nights in Tanzania.
I have been loving these lately! I just finished my tub of body butter and the perfume has been my go-to everyday. The scent is soo yummy!
I'm actually so proud of my photography skills here! I have been keeping this for special occasions only and absolutely love it. I will be so gutted to finish it. Although- my mum was so kind and bought me Eau So Fresh which I cannot wait to try!
I think this is the best I have done my eye makeup ever! I was so proud of myself but haven't quite been able to recreate it. I'll need to keep working on it. 
I cannot describe how amazing the feeling of getting rid of old school stuff is. I literally filled the recycling bin! I was so pleased when my results came in and one of the first things I did was clear out all the stuff I won't be needing this year.
I have fallen in love with Costa this summer (despite the fact I don't actually like coffee!). My favourite drink is the Red Berry Fruit Cooler but I've tried the Belgian Chocolate and Raspberry and White Chocolate Creamy Coolers too. Yum!
My family and I took a little trip to Blackpool before the schools went back. Its kind of a family tradition and we always stay in the same hotel (which is lovely!). These arcades are so fun but seriously addictive.
While we were in Blackpool, there were shows by the Red Arrows! They were amazing but soo noisy!

So that's been my summer! I know I've said time and time again how quickly it has went but it really has whizzed by. I'm glad to say though that I done a lot and enjoyed every day!

What was the highlight of your summer?
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Monday, 26 August 2013

My List of Lists!

Hey Everyone!

You may remember in my 'The Summer Bucket List- Review' post I mentioned that list making is my new obsession. Primarily, lists are great for keeping track of what you need to do and your goals. I have also found that they're a great alternative to journal writing to look back on and think "Oh! Remember I used to spend my time doing that!".

One day during the summer I took it upon myself to fill a whole notebook with different lists. It was actually really enjoyable! I got most of my ideas online but took bits and pieces from different places so I thought I'd share the ones I did to maybe inspire you!
Filling up the lists was, in general, a lot easier than I thought and they're great to have to hand. I found "Things I find funny" difficult to do as it wasn't very specific and also, the "My Favourite Animal" one only consisted of "Giraffes". Other than those though, I filled most pages! And I was glad to use up a notebook that would have otherwise been doing nothing.

Do you have any ideas for other lists I could make? Will you be giving any of these a go?

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PS- I have said the word list so much while writing this that the word has lost all meaning!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Sunday Post #13 Update & Instagrams

Hey Everyone!

Well guess who is back on track with posting every second day? ME! *pats myself on the back* Now I'm using post planners and scheduling I am so much more organised! I've actually taken it to a whole new level and designed a blog organisation folder (let me know if you'd be interested in a post about that). 

So encase you're wondering, I'll be posting every other day plus Sunday's till the end of the month then in September I'll be posting Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Also, to keep the Sunday post interesting (?) I'm going to altar the format a little. I haven't set in stone what I'll be doing but every second week I'll post my instagrams instead of the usual favourites etc. 

From left to right and down:
Sitting down on my bed (as I am now!) to write some posts | My friends got me this magnet for my birthday- it sums me up pretty well I think! | This is Geoffrey the Giraffe- my African souvenir. Did you know giraffes are my favourite animal? | I ordered this leather jacket from H&M and absolutely love it. It came to only £20 (ish) including postage because of all the discount codes at the moment | Love a relaxing bubble bath | This is the. best. snack. ever | I bought Baby Lips yay! I've used it all week and love it- there will be a full review next month | Managed to keep this Topshop nail polish on all week without peeling it off- a record for me | Started reading this book for English- its really intense but so poignant

And that's my week! Let me know what you think of my scheduling plans and tell me how your week has been!
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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Real Techniques 'The Core Collection' Review

Hey Everyone!

Ever since buying my Real Techniques Stippling Brush over a year ago I have been determined to get my hands on more. After psyching myself up to part with the £21.99 that they cost, I bought The Core Collection a few months ago. It has actually taken me ages to get around to reviewing these but it means I've given them a proper road test and I am certain of my views.

The Core Collection comprises of 4 brushes: the pointed foundation brush, the contour brush, the detailer brush and the buffing brush. They claim to be all the tools you need to create a flawless canvas. Like other Real Techniques brushes, the ultra-plush, synthetic bristles are hand-cut and 100% cruelty free.

They also come with a carry case and stand as well as a guide to using each of the brushes on the back.

All of the brushes are sturdy, soft and tick the oh-so-essential box of no bristles falling out. They all wash very nicely too. I don't personally use the case as I find it a bit tricky getting the brushes in and out of it and I use a glass jar to hold my brushes for easy access.
The Buffing Brush
I was originally drawn to the Core Collection purely because it contained this brush and it wasn't sold separately. It didn't disappoint. The Buffing Brush is second to none for its multi-tasking qualities. I started off using it for foundation which worked well but I found it gave a slightly lighter coverage than I wanted so switched back to my Stippling Brush. I then one day (actually by accident!) discovered that this is amazing for applying powder. Because of the density of its bristles, it picks up the perfect amount of powder and spreads it evenly across the face. I personally think that this brush is the reason for the staying power of my powder. The brush is lightweight, stands on a surface (which I always like!) and is big enough to cover the entirety of your face with product in a few seconds so is great if your in a rush. Its also a great blender.

The Contour Brush
This is a lovely brush for powder bronzer, blusher or highlight. I am currently using it for bronzer as a contour as it is the perfect size to get into the hollows of the cheeks and the different length bristles ensure the product blends well. I'm thinking of giving this a wash and trying it with my MAC MSF as I think the precision it offers would make the skinfinish look even better. 
The Pointed Foundation Brush
Its weird that in the picture above this looks round- I can assure you it is infact pointed (especially when there is product on it!). I've never been a fan of these kinds of foundation brushes so when I bought this collection I expected this to be put in a drawer and forgotten. How wrong I was. I have been using this every single day for- wait for it- concealer! I have never found the right brush for concealer and used to just use my fingers and go over it with my foundation brush. Now, I use this as it is the perfect size, shape and density for under my eyes and covering spots. It blends out Collection Illuminating Touch under my eyes so well and even works with the thicker Lasting Perfection Concealer. Win win! Albeit I still go over the concealer after with my Stippling Brush but that's just to blend out the slightly different shades of concealer and foundation.
The Detailer Brush
Last, and sadly, least, is the detailer brush. After this hanging around doing nothing with my 'everyday brushes' since I bought the collection, it has been demoted to 'spare brushes'. I tried to use it with concealer but found it didn't blend very well. I think it would work well in applying lipstick but since I don't wear lipstick very often (and when I do I don't tend to apply with a brush), I'm not using this at the moment. The one plus is that it washes up the best of all the brushes-a little bit of shampoo removes all traces of product. 

I totally love these brushes and definitely think they're worth the money (and probably more!) even though I only use 3/4 on an everyday basis. I think they will last me years and I couldn't be happier that I bought these over cheaper, lower quality ones. Although the Stippling Brush is still my No.1- these are right behind in the best brushes list! I would highly recommend these to anyone who doesn't want to pay high end prices but is looking for great quality brushes. I now want all of my brushes to be Real Techniques!

Have you tried these? 
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Thursday, 22 August 2013

A Little Pinspiration... Summer!

Hey Everyone!

In my opinion, there's nothing better than lying in bed at night scrolling through the endless bright and inspiring and exotic and beautiful pictures Pinterest has to offer. Its such a lovely website that you can just zone into and admire. 

Most of my pins tend to be fashion or decor related but I also always go with the seasons and this summer is no different so I thought I'd share a few of my favourite summer themed pins. If only I had the time to recreate every one of these! 
Definitely want this done for my next holiday! a handmade shell windchime tinkling in the gentle breezePick up a good book, find a patch of grass and indulgeSummer time equals sleeping on the beach!
Crop top and flowing skirt.
Which image is your favourite? Although I love the vibrant colours of the first, I think my favourite is the den on the beach- I just want to dive in! Its so appealing though impractical - imagine carting all those cushions to the beach!

 Make sure to check out my boards and leave me a link to yours!
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