Saturday, 10 October 2020

My Couch to 5K Experience

lots of trees around footpath in park, leaves changing colour

Three weeks ago I completed my final run of Coach to 5K. I could not be prouder, or more shook.

To give you a bit of background - I've literally never been a runner. Even when I was small. And let's not even go into the absolute tragedy I'd be if I had to run for the train in the morning. At the beginning of lockdown I made an extremely optimistic running playlist and tried to run around the block but didn't even make it that far. 

Couch to 5K is something I've heard people talking about for years. It's like when more than one person recommends a TV show - you know you'll like it. So one day I decided to just try it.

What's Couch to 5K?

For those of you who don't know, the Couch to 5K app is a running programme which takes you from couch potato to being able to run 5K in 30 minutes, 3 times a week. It takes 9 weeks. 

Thursday, 1 October 2020

Autumn iPlayer Recommendations Part 2

Autumn iPlayer Recommendations - October 2020 Must Watch Shows

Hello friends and welcome back to my new fave kind of post which pretty much consists of me gushing about the TV I've been bingeing lately. 

If you haven't already, check out my previous posts 4 Must-Watch iPlayer Recommendations Autumn 2020 and 5 TV Shows You Should Watch on BBC iPlayer.

By the way, it has dawned on me - now I'm 3 posts deep in iPlayer recommendations - that you may be getting concerned that I don't know other channels or streaming services exist. To be honest, I just really like the fact there's no adverts and it's free. No shame in my game.

The Bridge

From the show's premise, this is the last thing I'd expect to be obsessed with. It's a subtitled police drama based between Sweden and Denmark. When a body is found on the bridge, one half in Sweden and one half in Denmark, two police officers, Saga and Martin, have to work together to figure out why.

Saturday, 26 September 2020

4 Must-Watch iPlayer Recommendations Autumn 2020

black laptop on bbc iplayer website with lit salt lamp and candle on left
Looking for some thrilling dramas to sink you're teeth into this autumn? Look no further. 
Since my previous post, 5 TV Shows You Should Watch on BBC iPlayer, I've been searching for even more great content. And let me tell you, I've found it. So much so that this is actually going to be a 2 part post. Expect another 4 incredible recommendations next week. I'm mixing it up a bit too so whether you're looking for dozens of episodes to keep you going or just a one-off fix, I've got you covered.

I've worked my way through the good, the bad and - let's face it - the awful, to find the absolute gems on BBC iPlayer. I'm talking truly mindblowing tele you can't turn off. Because as the evenings draw in and restrictions tighten again, one thing I really look forward to is sitting down to an episode of my current fave programme every night with some tasty treats. 

Also, since iPlayer is free, I find more people tend to be watching the same thing at the same time. That means even more enjoyment because you can talk about it and gasp at the same parts.

I May Destroy You

Without a word of exaggeration, this is the best TV show of 2020. 

Millennial writer Arabella pulls an all nighter to finish a creative project she's working on. She breaks to get something to eat and meet friends. Then blank. She comes to, back at her desk writing, with no idea what just happened. The series follows Arabella as she pieces together the horror of sexual assault, and how she begins to deal with it. 

The show deals with issues of consent from multiple angles. Angles I hadn't even thought of, let alone understood before. 

It also depicts our hustling, swiping, validation seeking, woke, hedonistic generation and it's vulnerable underbelly. And it's not just the issue of sexual assault which is explored, but the fine line we all tread in maintaining our mental health and relationships.

Monday, 7 September 2020

Autumn is in the air

salt lamp next to two small candles and a cup of tea in white mug on top of notebook

Usually when this time of year rolls around I'm just 

not ready 

to say goodbye to summer. 

I'm a summer baby and love nothing more than long days and light nights. This hasn't been a 'usually' kind of year though.

Even though it seems like we've been in Julember for months, I also feel like spring and summer have had their time. I've been out walks (and now runs!) almost every day since April, so for the first time ever I've noticed nature and the transition through the seasons. Now the leaves and pine cones are starting to fall and I couldn't be more excited.

Monday, 15 June 2020

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod | Book Review

yellow and white book on pink quilt
I am absolutely not a morning person. I never have been. I'm pretty much a demon until 11am. I know that the early bird catches the worm and all that and because I start work at 8am I do need to rise early out of necessity. Honestly though, I'd rather not.

I'm just finishing an online course called The Science of Well-Being by Yale University. It sounds obvious, but one of the most essential factors in people's happiness levels, studies have shown time and time again, is sleep. While I may falter in some of the other contributory factors like exercise, meditation and gratitude, sleep is something I can't not prioritise. When people say to me 'I only got 4 hours sleep last night' I'm like 'HUH?! How are you still functioning?!' I'd literally collapse. So, whether its been before exams, stressful times at work or after a night out, I always get the amount of sleep I need. I think that's why, until now, I've classified mornings as time which would be better spent unconscious.

Therefore, even though I've heard The Miracle Morning recommended time and time again over the years alongside books I have loved, I prematurely judged it as 'not my thing'. However, when my cousin dropped her copy at my house in the middle of a pandemic saying it had changed her life, I kind of had to take notice. And I'm super glad I did.

What is The Miracle Morning?

The book begins with testimonies about how The Miracle Morning has transformed people's lives. From losing 25 pounds to quitting smoking to attaining top grades to finding true love to improving relationships to having more energy to accomplishing long term goals to having every day 'feel like Christmas' - this book can purportedly help you do anything.