Sunday, 9 May 2021

ffs smashes it again... this time with fake tan*

ivy plant behind 2 pump bottles and lilac velvet applicator mits

Believe it or not, we're teetering towards summer. I know, blows my mind too. Other than the one day of sun we've had here in Scotland, the rain has been near biblical.


The second I get a sniff of sun I'm diving head first into the fake tan bottles. 

After four months of lockdown, being a wallflower has no appeal. It's go hard or go home.

Glitter nails? Yep.

Pink head to toe? Why not.

Straight to dark tan? Of course.

After how much I loved the body care products from ffs, I jumped at the chance to try their Deluxe Glow Tanning Set.*

Sunday, 25 April 2021

List of Lists | Daily Edition

Daily list of lists: hopes for the day, affirmations, key work tasks, key non-work tasks, wellbeing, shopping, gratitude, memorable moment(s)

Way back in 2013 I wrote a post called My List of Lists and even now it's one of the most popular posts on Julz Obsessions. Guess it just shows how many list lovers like myself are searching the web for list-spiration (?) 

Back then, I realised lists weren't just scraps of paper for to dos but could:

  • be an alternative to journalling
  • help me set goals
  • let me reflect
  • keep me motivated
  • help prioritise what's important
  • make me feel in control
  • organise my life when I have a lot on
  • mark myself at a certain point in time
  • reduce stress

Monday, 12 April 2021

ffs Natural Deodorant Review*

2 small silver tins next to candle framed by ivy plant

Following on from my rave review of their razor subscription box, today I'm sharing my experience of using natural deodorant from ffs.* There's a lot of reasons to get onboard, its:

  • organic
  • vegan
  • handmade in the UK
  • paraben / aluminium / BPA / petrochemical / palm oil free

I really care about the planet. Over the last few years I've educated myself on the impact of fast fashion and single-use plastic on the environment. So, I've tried to cut back on my consumerism and buy thoughtfully.

I've been meaning to make the switch to natural deodorant for months. 

But, probably like many people teetering on the edge of 'what I've always done' and ethical alternatives, I worried natural products wouldn't be as good or effective.

I was totally wrong.

Sunday, 11 April 2021

ffs Review: Shaving and Beauty Products with the WOW Factor*

3 tubes behind rose gold razor, small canvas bag, and razor blades with ivy plant in background

When it comes to shaving, I've always done what you absolutely shouldn't do. Despite being part of the beauty blogging community for nearly a decade, I didn't invest or care about it at all. 

I feel like I'm confessing my sins here but... I bought the nastiest, cheapest, disposable plastic razors. To make myself feel better about the disposable part, I'd probably use them more times than you're supposed to. I would occasionally exfoliate before, but more often than not it was simply a case of - cringe - hacking my poor legs. They'd be irritated and dry. Definitely not a nice blank canvas for the fake tan I love when it's legs out season.

With summer just around the corner (hooray!), you can imagine how delighted I was when ffs got in touch asking if I'd be interested in trying their razor subscription box.* One look at their website and of course I said yes. 

  • Real bodies? Check. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing? Check. 
  • Cruelty-free? Check. 
  • Rave reviews? Check.
  • Kind to the planet? Check check check check check. 

I'm so here for sustainable beauty products.

Sunday, 28 March 2021

Spring it on!

crooked tree with lilac blossom in wood against cloudy sky

The clocks have just gone forward, daffodils are shooting up everywhere and the days are finally getting longer. Hooray!

In winter, we can get bogged down in our routines, bracing ourselves against the weather, and - after Christmas - just getting through the daily grind. I'd never appreciated the phrase 'bleak mid-winter', but I think the lockdown has really brought home its meaning this year. Staying ok can be a daily effort. 

Spring makes me excited about the future. 

There's something fresh and inspiring in the air.

It's a new chapter.