Sunday, 23 September 2012

Instagram | The Last Fortnight In Pictures #8

Hey Everyone!

I realise over the past while my blog has kind of turned into a place where I rarely post and when I do its moaning about how busy I am. And do you know what? It looks like it'll continue like that for a while. School is so crazy its so hard to stay on top of everything so I think if I aim for like 2/3 posts a week I'm doing well. 

However, despite scary school shiz, the last few two weeks have been good! I discovered a fabby new app for Android which allows me to add sparkles to my pictures and make them look extra cool before I instagram them, I've been going out for meals quite a lot and today was great! I went to a vintage tea room for afternoon tea which was amazing and I also done some shopping (haul will be uploaded to my channel soon).
From left to right and down:
my study schedule is proving rather hard to stick to | is it just me that is completely enabled by these vouchers? | ah hello there | soap & glory pampering night- don't mind if I do | m&m clock | my nails-  attempted a floral design using Islay's tutorial- it went ok | arghhh sooo much work | pretty picture | Cath Kidston stationary - can I have it all please? | more Cath Kidston | wish my room looked like this | look I found wellies named after me- who cares about the spelling difference?

I'm pretty proud of myself this past fortnight for taking a good number of pictures as my days are pretty similar. 

How has your week been?

Update | 100th Post and Big News!

Hey Everyone!

Oh my, this is my 100th post! I have hit that publish button 100 times- how strange is that? I know some bloggers churn out that number of posts in a month, but for me this is such a huge achievement and I am so proud that I have stuck to blogging. 

I started back in February, and I can honestly say that my blog and YouTube and everything that comes with them has become such a big part of my life! I have bought amazing products I would never have even heard of, spoke to other bloggers who I would have never known, embraced the world of vintage and thrift and developed my style, wearing things I never thought I would. I know it sounds a bit cheesy but I would just like to thank each and every one of you for hitting that subscribe button and helping to grow my little part of the web. 

Also, I thought it was so fitting in such a landmark post to share some news with you. For months now I have been in the process of applying to go to Africa with my school. My school has a relationship with another school in Tanzania and every other year a group of pupils are selected to fly out to visit. I handed in a report kind of thing back in April and took part in activities with the group of Tanzanian pupils visiting here in June. Then a few weeks ago I had an interview (which was possibly the most nerve racking thing of my life). We finally received the news almost two weeks ago and...

Untitled by julz_obsessions
cheesy picture, I know ;)

I honestly couldn't believe it when the teacher told me. To be honest, I thought I would be really calm about it but I was crying and all sorts of dramatics when I was told! I am excited and scared and shocked all at once. Its a three week trip sometime in July next year and its just so overwhelming. 

I know this is mostly a beauty/ fashion blog but essentially its a subsection of my life and since this trip is going to be such a huge part of my life I thought I would share it with you all.

So to sum up, thank you all for supporting my blog; I blog for myself as a little creative outlet and its amazing to think that others are interested in my ramblings. Secondly, I'm in for a life changing trip in the next year. So just another day in the land of Julz' Obsessions!

Since this is a kind of random post I don't have a specific question for your like usual, so I would like you to comment what kind of posts you enjoy most and if you have received any exciting news recently :)

Monday, 17 September 2012

Organisation | Nail Polish Storage

Hey Everyone!

Being the organisational freak that I am, I am constantly trying to find effective storage solutions for my ever growing collection ofstuff. (The term stuff covering make up, perfume, books, clothes, pretty much everything!). A couple of weeks ago, I had the 'genius' idea of making my own shelves out of an old shoe box and cardboard. Lets just say it didn't quite work out- paper shelves can't support multiple nail polish bottles. I ended up with bottles slipping off hitting my feet and me jumping around- not good. Anyway, it was at that point (well after nursing a few almost broken toes) that I realised my failed DIY shelves could make great dividers and I could turn the box on its back to make this cool nail polish organisation.
I have placed most of the bottles upside down so I can easily see which colour is which. I have arranged the bottles in order of brand on the left and right, then the small bottom compartment is random bottles and the small top compartment is bits and bobs like nail files, scissors and mini nail polish sets.

I don't think this will be my permanent storage but I think its a neat and compact way to store my polishes until I find a better option. I would really like a wall rack but I can't seem to find any affordable ones. 

How do you store your nail polishes? Would you like to see more organisation posts?

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Review | Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer

Hey Everyone!

For a long time, I relied on my Rimmel twist-up-stick concealer that was years and years old. All I can say is that it was standard and didn't do anything amazing. I was using it under my eyes as well as on blemishes and it seemed to be very drying. After hearing such good things about the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer I bought it in Boots for £4.19.
It promises to 'conceal flaws, imperfections and blemishes again, for up to 16 hours'. I like the simple packaging; the tube form and wand make it extremely easy to apply though since I've had it for a number of months now the writing on the tube has more or less rubbed off. I use it under my eyes and on areas of redness or spots in dots then pat to blend. The thick yet bendable consistency gives excellent coverage. The colour suits my skin tone perfectly and has worked with every base I have used it with so far. It really does give flawless coverage and I am extremely impressed with its efficiency for the cost. It also lives up to its lasting claims as I find it actually passes the ultimate test of school. This is the best concealer I have discovered so far and since it does exactly what I need it to, I won't be straying from it any time soon.

Have you tried this cult favourite?

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Instagram | The Last Fortnight In Pictures 7

Hey Everyone!

I am so, so busy! This is literally the first time I've written a post in about a week (yep, apologies for the scheduled posts over the last few days). Recently, I just seem to have a never ending to-do list (thankfully the app Any.Do keeps me partially sane and organised) but as we speak/ as I type and you read, I have about 15484548 things to do. 

The last two weeks have pretty much consisted of school, school and more school. And studying. Does anyone else find that no matter how many times you go over something it just doesn't seem to be going in? Arghh! On the plus side though- I have discovered that my local library sells
During the week seems to drag in, yet it also goes so quickly. The weekend is kind of the time were I think ok, be calm, and get up to date with everything. Yea that doesn't happen. On Friday I had a night in which was lovely, watching the soaps and having a luxury Soap & Glory shower. Saturday was non-stop; I went into town during the day for a friends birthday present and some bits and bobs then went to the friends that night which was fab. Then today I wrote a history essay and studied biology for my test on Tuesday. I have however managed to catch up on Waterloo Road and Doctor Who (yea I love it and I'm not ashamed to admit it!) On the downside, I'm now 3 episodes behind on X and Xtra Factor (sob). Haha I am aware that this is turning into a diary so I'll just go straight onto the pictures.
From left to right and down:
cute topshop socks- I think these will be so cute this season and next | my Olympic 50p collection woo | haha like my spongebob jumper? I found it in my wardrobe from about 23344 years ago | I'm loving this kind of edgy jewellery- but getting this on was soo hard hence the red ear | managed to film a few videos on Tuesday = happy julz | my elf order came through yayyy- unboxing video to come | small haul hehe | what I'm going to be studying in english | my new mascara- £1.99 and waterproof (ie. smudge free hopefully)- I'll let you know how I get on with it

How has your week been? Hopefully things will calm down for me in the days/ weeks to come but to be honest I think it's only going to get worse! 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Wishlist | Current High End Makeup Wants

Hey Everyone!

After posting about my drugstore makeup wishlist, I decided I would do a similar post for those high end products I am currently coveting. For those of you who don't know, the term 'high end' refers to makeup which is of a higher price range and is sold in the likes of Debenhams and House Of Fraser. Since I am of a restricted budget, my current make up collection consists of very few high end products but that isn't to say those products I want to try are scarce.

 Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation
MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation

Jemma Kidd Light As Air Liquid Foundation SPF 18 30ml

Jemma Kidd Light As Air Liquid Foundation SPF 18

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20

 Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish 

Orgasm Blush

NARS Blush in Orgasm

Laguna Bronzing Powder

NARS Laguna Bronzer

Naked Palette

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

Yves Saint Laurent Shocking Volume Mascara 6.4ml

YSL Shocking Volume Mascara
High Lengths Mascara
Clinique High Lengths Mascara (I love this!)

they're real! mascara
Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara

YSL Rouge Volupte
MAC Lipstick in Girl About Town

Ahh why do more expensive products just seem so much more appealing? To be honest I am scared to add all of these prices to see how much this would all cost me- I would be well into hundreds. 

What's your high end makeup must haves?

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A/W 12 Trend | Purple Takeover

Hey Everyone!

I have a new post series; Autumn/ Winter 2012 trend. I mostly do beauty related posts but I really interested in fashion too and I thought I would do a few posts on what sort of thing I'm really liking this season. There are two parts to these posts- I'll post some examples of the trend on the catwalk then how I would wear it. 

In days gone by purple was a colour reserved only for the elite, wealthy and was worn as a sign of royalty and nobility. However, this season it seems to be everywhere; from eyelids to ballgowns. 

Gucci A/W 12 - Milan Fashion Week
Royal Purple
Autumn/ Winter 2012 Runway

Photos linked to original source

I think its best to stick to one statement purple piece, then incorporate neutral colours (like cosy woolies) and I also like the mustard bag as it goes really well with purple since they're on oposite ends of the colour spectrum.Purple Power

I actually have a lot of purple, so I am looking forward to wearing it a lot this autumn/ winter. I love that because its just a colour you can wear it however you want, making your statement bold or simple. For example, you can switch up your school or work wardrobe with it:
Oh man what is with the bad quality?

Do you like this trend? How will you be styling it this season?

Monday, 3 September 2012

Wishlist | Current Drugstore Makeup Wants

Hey Everyone!

As I have mentioned before, being part of the blogging community comes with a variety of pros and (not many) cons. One thing I particularly love is that bloggers speak their mind and give honest reviews of products. Although it may be bad news for my purse, this makes me eager to try a vast array of products. In fact, I currently have so many 'wants' that I thought I would do a couple of wishlist posts to share with you my many 'if money was no object' lists of things I am currently coveting. 

First up is my drugstore wishlist. I am aware that 'drugstore' is more commonly an American term, but for wanting of a UK equivalent, I'll stick to using it for now. Basically, drugstore make up is all the brands like Maybelline, Revlon and L'Oreal that you will find in Superdrug and Boots as opposed to Benefit or MAC which are higher-end and found in the realms of department stores like House Of Fraser.
Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter - Berry Smoothie

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters in Rasberry Pie (this is actually berry smoothie- I couldn't find a picture of rasberry pie :S )
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation Ivory
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Ivory
Revlon Colourstay Foundation Softflex Buff
Revlon Colorstay Foundation Softflex in Buff (not sure about the shade!)
Maybelline Falsies Black Drama Mascara
Maybelline Falsies Black Drama Mascara
MUA Every Lash Mascara
NYC Smooch Proof 16H Lip Stain - Berry Long Time

NYC Smooch Proof 16H Lip Stain in Berry Long Time

MUA Eyebrow Pencil
MUA Lip Liner in Red Drama
L'Oreal Superliner Eyeliner Crystal

L'Oreal Superliner Eyeliner Crystal

MUA False Lashes in GLAM and VIXEN
Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 HR - Permanent Taupe

MUA False Lashes in GLAM and VIXEN Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 HR in Permanent Taupe

So yep, rather a lot :) Are there any drugstore products you couldn't live without?

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Update | Little Chatty Post

Hey Everyone!

How are you? I thought I would write an updatey kind of post this evening (aka early hours of the morning) to fill you in on what I have been doing/ different things going on. Be warned, when I start writing at this time I go on, and on, and on.

So firstly, as many of you will know, school has started back and its pretty much full steam ahead. I'm already studying every night (well that's the plan...) as well as homework, my drama/ musical club thingy-mibobby and extra-currcular shiz (Zumba, netball etc). So life is super hectic and it leaves around half an hour of laptop time before I go to bed (and no time for soaps- sob) so posts are a bit few and far between at the mo, but thanks for sticking with me everyone!

Also, you might have noticed over the past 6 weeks I have been doing an instagram post on a Sunday. My instagram isn't really linked in with my blog, to be honest I just use it for the cool effects, but if you feel your life would be enriched by following me then do I am julz_obsessions although it is private and pretty much silent except once a week where I just upload everything. Anyway, I am actually going to cut the instagram post down to once a fortnight (still on a Sunday) because since being back at school my life is very samey-samey.
Lol I wanted to insert a picture to break up the post a bit- I hope you don't think I'm vain! This was me today :)

I haven't really got any interesting news make up wise except I'm going through a complete crisis with school in that my make up just will not stay on my face the full day- especially my mascara which gives me huge panda eyes after just a few hours wear (telescopic my friend, what are you doing?!) Oh in fact last night (Friday) I made my first ever order from ELF which I have actually been considering for ages and I just finally done it. I bought 5 things and I simply cannot explain my excitement for the parcel arriving (watch out for a haul, unboxing or review video!)

Also, some of you might remember in this post I mentioned that I bought shorts to cut, distress, bleach, dye, ombre and stud. Yea well that hasn't happened. So far the shorts are just hung up in my wardrobe, the dye in my drawer and the studs favourited on my google chrome bookmarks list. But it will happen, I just need to find some time and some nice weather (how I miss those long days of summer where I had no commitments!) I want to film it all in individual stages and make it like a 3 parter for my channel.

I think that's pretty much covered everything that's been going on with me lately. Oh I went to see The Keith Lemon Movie on Tuesday and I really liked it. To be honest, the actual movie storyline was awful, but if like me you LOVE Keith Lemon you will think the movie is great! On that note, Celebrity Juice is back- hooorahhh!! Oh and whilst I'm on the topic of TV, please comment if you watch Pretty Little Liars- I watched this weeks episode today and I am truly shocked/ horrified/ disturbed/ amazed! 

Let me know how you have been spending your time, and your thoughts on my escapades :)