Thursday, 14 August 2014

We Heart It Picks

Admittedly, I'm probably in a minority of We Heart It users. I feel like most are 14 year old over-thinkers/ Directioners/ dreamers going through the 'who am I' and 'what does the world mean' and 'no one will ever love me' phase. Its a bit like Tumblr but minus the nudity and angst, a bit like Pinterest but less mumsy and organised and a bit like Instagram but less personal. I realise I've not really set it up in the best light but its all to soften the blow of what I'm about to admit. I am addicted to it and absolutely love it.  

You know when you're lying in bed at night when you've finally turned off your laptop (a major statement of intent) but you're not quite ready to sleep? This is perfect. I can literally scroll through it for an hour double tapping nearly every second image. You know why? Every single picture is so pretty! I've never stumbled across so many creative and girly images. I want to print them out and make a huge mood board/ inspiration wall. So here are some of my recent favourites that I thought I'd share with you all in the hope that you won't think less of me for this guilty pleasure. After all, I think everyone still has a bit of the over-thinker/ Directioner/ dreamer phase left in them. Particularly the Directioner bit. I still love Zayn Malik and I'm not sorry.
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  1. Hahaha oh Julz!! This looks like a neat app, thank for sharing :) xo

    1. You should have a look! Its so addictive though xx