Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Sunday Post #14

Hey Everyone! 

Happy September! Today's post is a bit later than usual as I've been busy all weekend- but better late than never. Though its going to be short as I have Politics homework awaiting (yawn).

My Life
This week has consisted mostly of school. I'm still in summer mode so when I come home I am generally being unproductive. Though I did wash my makeup brushes, put on fake tan and paint my nails way too many times- which I guess is something. I'm going to get focused this week and manage my time so that I can keep up with school and blogging.

As I mentioned, this weekend I have been super busy. On Friday I went to Pizza Hut for a catch up with friends- we got the Happy Hour deal which was great value. Then on Saturday I had my induction for work woop! It was actually really enjoyable! Then today my family and I went shopping and ordered some new furniture for my room from Next (which I am sooo excited to arrive). We also went to the best shop on the planet, also known as Ikea. Is it just me that thinks of a visit to Ikea like a day out? I am always soo inspired by the showrooms and want to buy heaps, though today I managed to restrain myself.

I have a new posting schedule this month. I have it planned out in my post planner (ooer how fancy) that I'll be posting every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 5pm and an extra post on a Sunday. There's a whole lot to look forward to including my nail polish collection, lots of reviews and an autumn bucket list- so look out for those.

This week I've very much been liking shopping my stash. I had a makeup clear out during the week (more on that coming soon!) and while scouting through my makeup found some things that deserve a bit more love. I've been using MAC Mineralize Satin Finish foundation that my cousin gave me daily and actually quite liking it. I think its like a high end version of Wake Me Up. 

This week also saw the return of one of my favourite tv shows: Celebrity Juice. I just love it- I was excited for it all week. Do any of you watch it? 

How has your week been?
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