Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My Summer In Pictures

Hey Everyone!

In line with my 'end of summer' themed posts, today I'm going to share a few (or 21) snaps from over the summer! Apologies for some of them being bad quality as they were taken on my phone. I know 'summer', the season, doesn't technically end till well into September (yeah later than I thought too!) but to me summer = time off school. Maybe that's why it seems so short compared to other seasons.
 This was in Edinburgh very soon after my exams- the holidays hadn't started but in my mind they had! I stumbled upon this gorgeous shabby chic bathroom in Jenners and I literally wanted it all. I always worry that when I get a flat/ house there will be no variety of decor at all because I only like one style- shabby chic. 
At the beginning of June we had some amazingly sunny days! I loved wearing my £1 Primark wayfarer sunglasses!
This was the day I sat in my garden in the sun for about an hour and made a daisy chain. I took an alternative approach to it though and used a kirbie instead of my nail to make holes in the stems. It actually worked really well! Sadly the daisys began to wither within a few hours but I managed to preserve them by pressing them!
Despite my short, horrible looking nails- I love this picture! Its soo summery and cute.
Remember I had "Use fake tan" on my summer bucket list? Well I used it. And then some. I went for the dark St. Moriz because I usually need at least 4 coats of the medium for it to make the slightest difference. Fair to say my friends were a little taken aback when I came out this colour as apposed to my usual milk bottle white. It was pretty severe at first but after a couple of rinses it was really really nice!
This pretty much sums up how I spent my time before Africa. Eat, TV, eat, TV. It was fab!
This is just some of the piles and piles of stuff I needed for Africa. I think I actually used about 1/10 of the stuff I brought!
I had a superb birthday this year. It was a really quiet, family celebration and was perfect.
Yes. This is what happens when I'm bored and get my hands on my elf palette.
I had this in a fancy ice cream place having a catch up with friends. It was, as you can probably imagine, amazing.
I look a bit scary here haha! I had a fight with my enormous mosquito net. I won. Muaha.
My backpack was literally like carrying another person- I didn't know if I was going to tip backwards or forwards.
This was on Safari. I don't even need to caption this- its just so spectacular that it speaks for itself.
Again, the most beautiful and remarkable picture. My view of Mt. Kilimanjaro on my last nights in Tanzania.
I have been loving these lately! I just finished my tub of body butter and the perfume has been my go-to everyday. The scent is soo yummy!
I'm actually so proud of my photography skills here! I have been keeping this for special occasions only and absolutely love it. I will be so gutted to finish it. Although- my mum was so kind and bought me Eau So Fresh which I cannot wait to try!
I think this is the best I have done my eye makeup ever! I was so proud of myself but haven't quite been able to recreate it. I'll need to keep working on it. 
I cannot describe how amazing the feeling of getting rid of old school stuff is. I literally filled the recycling bin! I was so pleased when my results came in and one of the first things I did was clear out all the stuff I won't be needing this year.
I have fallen in love with Costa this summer (despite the fact I don't actually like coffee!). My favourite drink is the Red Berry Fruit Cooler but I've tried the Belgian Chocolate and Raspberry and White Chocolate Creamy Coolers too. Yum!
My family and I took a little trip to Blackpool before the schools went back. Its kind of a family tradition and we always stay in the same hotel (which is lovely!). These arcades are so fun but seriously addictive.
While we were in Blackpool, there were shows by the Red Arrows! They were amazing but soo noisy!

So that's been my summer! I know I've said time and time again how quickly it has went but it really has whizzed by. I'm glad to say though that I done a lot and enjoyed every day!

What was the highlight of your summer?
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  1. loved this post! Africa is really amazing!!

    just followed you on GFC :)

    1. Thanks! I know- such an experience. Thank you lovely xx

  2. I kept all of my school stuff until I got my results too, just in case I had to resit anything. I feel your pain of going back to school while its still 'summer'. To me summer ends in september but I used to live in Scotland and going back mid August is not fun! xo

    1. I'm the same- even though I probably wouldn't resit anything except english or maths- I kept the whole lot anyway. I know it sucks! I'd much prefer to go back in September! xx