Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Current Obsession: The Great Gatsby

Hey Everyone!

Its been a while hasn't it? My bad- I'm so super busy with school at the mo- my first exam is in 3 weeks (ermygawd!). 

Remember in a Sunday Post a while ago I mentioned my huge excitement for The Great Gatsby film? Well my obsession has boiled over into life-consuming so I thought I'd share a little of my anticipation for the movie with you. 
I think its going to be one of my favourite films ever. It has all the ingredients: extravagance, amazing fashion and an incredible soundtrack. Oh and did I mention Leonardo DiCaprio? 
This is the sample soundtrack. I particularly love 'Love Is Blindness', 'Young and Beautiful' and 'Over The Love' (cannot stop listening to that!) What's your favourite? I love how Jay Z (executive producer!) has taken contemporary songs and adapted them to the Jazz Age. Who knew Crazy In Love would be so amazing 1920s style?

Finally, being typical 'me', I've created a board of Pinterest: 1920s/ Gatsby inspired. Here are a few of my favourite pins.

Can I just be a flapper already? & don't you think Carey Mulligan is so cute and doll-like?

So that just about rounds up my Gatsby gushing. Please let me know how excited you are for (what I think will be) the movie of the summer.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Random Snaps

Hey Everyone!

I'm a blogger. I take pictures. Of a hole variety of stuff. And you know what? Sometimes those pictures don't accommodate a whole post of their own, but I still want to show you them so you can enjoy/ be inspired by them, as I am. So every now and again, there will be a post of random pictures :)
I love arm candy at the moment.
I have a lot of mascaras.
I found this sanctuary of amazingness in Jenners in Edinburgh.
Bird cages, dress form- need I say anything else?
Oh hey there :)
I adore shabby chic. If only I could buy a mansion and decorate it all this extravagantly!

Have you taken any pretty/ inspiring pictures lately? Leave me links!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Makeup Declutter for Spring

Hey Everyone!

I'm the first to admit that I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Everything in my room has a home, and its always pretty tidy. However, when I'm completely bombarded with studying, tidying moves its way down my list of priorities and my shelves become a bit unruly. Take my makeup shelf for example. It still had Christmas lights (which albeit pass as normal fairy lights), it had all my shower stuff piled on it for convenience, and the actual stand had a heap of makeup that I don't actually use all that often. All this accumulated to one big problem- clutter.

I finally thought enough was enough a few nights ago and decided to tackle the shelf. It actually took less than half an hour and that included going through my makeup, giving it a bit of a clean, and deciding what was to stay out. 

I think that looks pretty darn fabulous, even if I do say so myself. Its minimalist but still cute and I have my everyday products at hand without being overwhelmed with choice. The Soap & Glory products found their way back to their case which makes the shelf look less crowded and the Christmas lights are in the drawer ready to be taken out some other time. 

As well as my acrylic make up stand, do you notice a glass brush holder to the right? That's an old candle jar! I think its so perfect for brushes. While I was in the mood for whacking my stuff into shape, I also completed the laborious task of washing all of my makeup brushes: and they came up a treat.

This was such a simple, quick thing to do, but it made my room seem a lot fresher and of course: if your environment is organised you will be too.

Have you done a little bit of spring cleaning lately?

Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Sunday Post #9

Hey Everyone!

Pheww- I haven't blogged in over a week! Bad Julianne. Its been months since I've had such a dip. I am however going to try and get back into the every second day routine as I feel so out of touch with everything when I leave this corner of the web neglected for so long.

Oh and happy Easter! (A week late oops!)
How cute are these knits my mum made me?!

My Life
Its the Easter holidays yay! The first night of the holidays I decided (rather indulgently) to have it to myself and try some DIYs I saw on Pinterest (look out for that in a coming post). Then I was in Edinburgh for a few days which was fantastic but soo cold! I thought nowhere could be colder than Glasgow, but was proven wrong. I did lots of shopping though- watch the haul here. Then the rest of my days have consisted of being in the library 24/7. Its so weird all the days have merged into one because I'm just studying.

Some Edinburgh snaps:
Starbucks hot choc for the journey
The first daffodils I've seen all year
The most amazing desert. Ever.

Weekly Favourite
I am absolutely obsessed with Pinterest. Comment with your Pinterest names below so I can have a nosy at your boards! Mine is pinterest.com/julzobsessions/. I've also been loving my Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in shade 107. I refuse to stop wearing it until the sun fully appears (talking of sun, how amazing is it having lighter nights?! I'm loving it!)

So that's all- quite a short post this week! I'm going to go on and write a few more posts before I go to bed (its currently the early hours of Sunday morning) so I have a stash for during the week.

How has your week been?