Thursday, 3 January 2013

Update & Happy New Year!

Quick warning: this post is a very, very long one- but hey that's how catchups go!

Hey Everyone!

Happy New Year! I've been a bit MIA blog wise over the last few days but I had good reason- I was in London over new year yay! We were visiting family there, and since we go quite often it wasn't really a sight seeing holiday however, I did do alot of shopping! We travelled there on the sleeper train which was quite a crazy experience; the room was so compact it was hilarious. We didn't do a lot the day we arrived as we were shattered (5 hours sleep just doesn't satisfy!), then we celebrated the bells. On the first we went to Westfields Shopping Centre (where I made my first MAC purchase ooit ooit- but that deserves a whole post of its own!) and it is really amazing; I've never seen so many shops under one roof- and I do a fair bit of shopping! Then yesterday we went into the centre of the city to Covent Garden and Oxford Street. My mum and I are a bit hopeless with direction so we actually ended up on Oxford Street while heading to the station to get the tube there. Anyway, I'll do a video on what I bought since it was quite a bit (which is ok as the sales are on!)
Also, with this time of year comes the whole 'I'm going to improve' mindset. I don't think I'm alone in saying that I have never stuck to my new years resolution for the entire year- ever. So, this year I have tried to make my goals a little more realistic. As I type I'm watching Nikki Phillipi 's new series based on being happy and new years resolutions and it is so inspiring I will definitely be taking a leaf out of her book! But anyway, my new years resolutions are as follows:

  • Write down something that made me happy that day and put it in a jar to open in the future
  • Exercises a little everyday
  • Drink more water
  • Blog at least 3 times a week
  • Upload a video once a week
This is my jar hehe- I'm going to jazz it up a bit in the next few days!

Ok have I covered everything? I think I have! I was going to tell you a bit about different features coming in the next little while but I am terrible for saying I'll post things and not following it through, so I'll just leave it as a surprise! 

If you got to the end of this post- well done! I always try to remember that when I sit down to write late at night all I do is ramble but I keep forgetting and doing it anyway! 

I am off to plan this years goals in more depth, perhaps decorate my jar and catch up on the Youtube videos I've missed over the last few days. 

What's your new years resolutions?


  1. Great resolutions :) I made none #yolo hahahaha. You look so pretty in your shopping outfit :) xo

    1. Thanks! Haha that's probably sensible as I never stick to them anyway! Aw thanks love xx

  2. Ah, lucky you! I haven't been shopping recently, because I am *ahem* poor. And also, struggling to justify the need to buy more things after getting some lovely stuff at Christmas! ;D
    I really like your bag in your shopping outfit too!

    I agree with you on your New Year's Resolutions! I think I will do the 'write a nice thing that happened today in a jar' but I might have to make the other 5 days that I've missed.. My memory is sometimes shocking!
    I really need to drink more water, although exercising every day sounds hard. ;) Does walking up the stairs count?! And I get so lax on my blogging, although it's not one of my resolutions (I did a post about mine), I know I have to start again.

    ~Hannah xx

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment! I'm going to reign in my spending a bit now as I do have a heap of stuff to use! Thanks- its a Primark special- though kind of falling apart now!

      Haha yeah I had to catch up on days 1-5 but thankfully I wrote little memos on my phone to remind me what to write! I'm doing well drinking more water- hope you are too! Haha I know I haven't actually started that resolution yet, unless I count brushing my teeth as exercise! I'll check out that post! xx