Sunday, 7 October 2012

Instagram | The Last Fortnight in Pictures #9

Hey Everyone!

How are you all? Surprisingly, I'm not in my usual Sunday night freak out at how busy I am state. I've actually had quite a relaxing night- watching X Factor (shock horror scandal at the drama!) and TOWIE (don't judge me, its only my second week watching it and I just enjoy it being on in the background). This week has been pretty good actually, though its went so quick! 

Good news is though that last night I wrote up a few posts so there won't be those long periods of nothingness. Also, I have been considering a bit of a blog revamp lately- I want to somehow create a kind of pretty sparkly aura as soon as you click on to my blog. So I might start messing about with some designs this week, though html does my head in as it takes forever! 
From left to right and down:
Boots Christmas gifts catalogue woo! anyone know if they will do a similar S&G deal to last year? | yummy fruit flakes | how pretty is this sky?! it started off bright blue haha- edited to the max | the cutest keyring |  I want to have this hair colour at some point in the next few years | my mum made me this cushion with Cath Kidston fabric- ain't she cute? | foamy strawberrys are amazing | got shelves put up | Cheryl Cole inspired makeup and hair- video to come | DAIRY MILK OREO IS AMAZING TRY IT IMMEDIATELY | autumn polka dot nails | curled my hair tonight

Well I'm going to go to bed shortly- maybe start this week not being shattered? How was your week?

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