Sunday, 26 August 2012

Instagram | The Last Week In Pictures 6

Hey Everyone!

Oh my, this week has been so hectic! I literally haven't stopped and its only one week into the new school year- I'm getting worried about how stressed I'm going to be in a few months! I've just got a baby instagram post this week since my days have been pretty much the same.
From left to right and down:
fresh peas are the most amazing snack- ever | Sunday consisted of catching up with X and Xtra Factor- my obsession with the Flackster has returned | yummy tea and lemon drizzle cake | a little 'congratulations on your exams' gift | school work | tried this on in Primark today- wasn't that impressed | cute nails- what nail polish ban? | I love this blazer- I need it!

Well I better get to sleep, I have a lot to do tomorrow. I took the whole of today off which was great. I done a bit of shopping and tried some things I've been wanting for a while on. I do this thing where I try stuff on to try and put me off it so I don't spent unnecessary money. It worked with the dress above but it made me want the blazer 100x more! Then tonight was great- eating Chinese food while watching The X Factor. I also wrote a few posts so if I'm busy again this week (which I think I will be!) I have a stock.

How has your week been?


  1. I love lemon drizzle cake that one looks delicious x

    1. Its from M&S and yep it was amazing! xx

  2. I love lemon drizzle cake and looking at that picture makes me want some now :)xx

    The blazer is so cute where's it from? x

    1. Haha :D Its from Primark- its £22 I think, I really want to get it though I might look in some other places as I think they'll be around the same price as that is quite expensive for Primark xx