Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Polish Post 6 | Pink Ombre and Glitter

Hey Everyone!

I've been painting my nails a lot recently- experimenting with different techniques and colours and I've been happy to discover unlikely combinations of my collection. However, I'm terrible for biting my nails and picking my nail polish off- so much so that I can't keep a colour on my nails for more than a day. I realise that this must be doing my nails a lot of damage, so for the time being, I am going to leave them bare. While I'm doing that though, I'll post recent NOTD's. Though since I'm on this topic- does anyone have any suggestions of what to do to stop biting my nails and to strengthen them?

Anyway, onto the actual post and today's nails consist of 5 shades of pink and my topshop ice crush.
To achieve the ombre (ish) effect on my thumb, I just painted stripes of colour adjacent to each other whilst the last was still wet and they seemed to just sink into each other and dry together. My fingers then correspond in descending order to the colours on my thumb, and I put a topcoat of glitter on every nail.
I am in love with these- they're so pretty and girly! Also, pretty easy to create- no messing about with sponges or anything. 

Do you like them? Would you consider giving nail ombre a go?


  1. these are really cute! I've found the best way to do ombre is put stripes of each colour on a makeup sponge and gently pat it onto your nail. If you apply a top coat whilst it's still wet they will blend really nicely together! Take a look at this tutorial (obviously without the dolphin!) if you don't get what i mean!

  2. Thanks! Oh yeah I've heard of that- and I think it would look a lot better than mine- though I didn't have a sponge to hand. Perhaps I'll buy some and give it a go! Thanks for the advice :)xx