Saturday, 9 June 2012

Nails | Polish Post 5

Hey Everyone!

I officially have a new favourite nail polish that I have been coating ever colour with - Topshop's Ice Crush. I had been eager to try glitter polish for a very long time but was really confused as to which one to get as there are so many available now. I had heard many great things about the Topshop nail polishes, so I decided to give their glitter a go. They have pink, purple and silver, and I opted for the silver as I thought the glitter was more 'chunky' and the clear polish could go over any colour.
As with all of Topshop's make up line, the packaging is super cute. I actually love this so much that for the first few days of having it I used it as decor simple because it was so pretty! It works amazingly with a variety of different colours, and as I mentioned, I love that there is a mixture of large flakes of glitter and small flecks. Another thing which I was really impressed with was the consistency- one coat of this will cover the nail in sparkle.
Apologies for my nails which are possibly in the worst condition in history. Mid years resolution-stop biting them!

Not only does the polish make your nails sparkle, it leaves a lovely shine as a top coat. Also, its holographic properties reflect the colour you're wearing so in a way it adapts to it. Overall, I am super pleased with this polish- its exactly what I was looking for and I am now desperate to try out more glitter nail polishes and more of Topshop's make up line!

Ice Crush is available in Topshop or online here

Do you like glitter polishes? Any recommendations for what I should buy next?


  1. I'm a massive sucker for glitter and this one has been on my wish list for a while along with razzmatazz! I would recommend technic carnival- I've done quite a few NOTDs on my blog if you want to see what it's like!

    1. Oh yes razzmatazz is gorgeous, and I especially like it because of its name! Ooh thank you- I've never heard of technic carnival before so I googled it and it looked amazing! I'll have a look at your posts now ! :D xx

  2. This is such a pretty nail polish!!

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