Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Importance of Primer: Benefit's the POREfessional

Hi Everyone :)

I've had such a great day- I'm so glad to be finished for the Easter holidays but sadly its not a leisurely holiday for me as I have to do lots of studying. Though hopefully it'll mean I can post a bit more!

So today's will be the last post related to last Saturday's shopping trip. I was in Boots (just after my Soap & Glory haul and I decided to look for Real Techniques brushes. I couldn't find them so I asked a Benefit counter lady and she seemed quite interested to find out what they were. We were talking about how important the brushes used for application are to the final look and she explained how primer was equally as important.

She told me how primer is an essential layer which acts as a barrier between your skin and your make-up, protecting your pores from blockage. Not only that, it keeps your make-up in place all day. She then told me about Benefit's 'the POREfessional', one of their best selling products. She kindly done my make-up to allow me to see what I thought of the primer- and it was fab! 

the POREfessional
It results in an absolutely flawless, airbrushed complexion. It removed all the shine and amazingly made my spots magically disappear! It is oil-free which means it won't clog pores, as long as it is applied with a brush (fingers have oil so it defeats the purpose).

Me wearing the POREfessional primer. Notice that there is no shine on my forehead and my cheek tone is really even.

I was extremely impressed and I now realise how important primer is. the POREfessional had definetely been added to my wishlist, but for £23.50 I don't think I can quite justify it, so I'll have to try and make do with my MUA Pro! Nevertheless, if you want to get your hands on this amazing tube of magic, visit their website. I will definitely remember this product for future as I was just so impressed with the results I got. 

Benefit Spring 2012 Catalogue 

That's all from me tonight, hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend,

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Primark Purchases

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all well and are having a good week!

These are my purchases from Primark at the weekend:
I love the chiffon blouses in Primark right now, they are exactly my style. I have wanted a white blouse for a long time and this one will be perfect tucked into shorts or jeans and will keep me really cool in summer. I think this was £10 which is pretty standard for a Primark blouse nowadays and hopefully it'll last me a while. It is quite sheer though so I'll have to wear a vest top under. 

I think this blouse is AMAZING! It is so cute and really stylish.. The body is cotton and the sleeves are chiffon which I think is a really unusual but lovely combination. The lace collar is absolutely beautiful and very vintage/ Victorian. Unfortunately, they never had a great variety of sizes left and my size (10) wasn't available so I had to get an 8 but it actually fits fine. This was also around £10, I think it might have been £8, which I thought was pretty good as this looks more like a piece from Topshop or Miss Selfridge.

How gorgeous is this lace detailing on the collar and the sleeves? 

Overall, I am really happy with these purchases. I love not going into Primark for a while then when you do there's a great new collection in. Have you found any treasures in Primark recently?

That's all from me tonight, till the weekend,

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Hi everyone!

I've always heard such great things about Aussie products and after browsing their website, I decided that Aussome Volume was for me. I actually used Aussie when I was younger but had completely forgotten what it was like. I have quite fine, poker straight hair which on one hand is good because I don't have to style it but on the other hand I frequently feel it needs a bit of 'oompf'. So, whilst out shopping yesterday, I thought I'd give it a try:

Price: Each bottle is £4.49 but currently Boots have a 3 for 2 offer so I got 2 shampoo bottles and 1 conditioner for £8.98. This is more than I would usually pay for shampoo and conditioner though I think this is pretty affordable for such a good brand.

Consistency: Both products are pretty concentrated so you don't need a lot and the bottles should last a fair amount of time.

Smell: The smell of both products is beyond amazing! They're not fruity or floral, they smell very high end, like those used in hairdressers. I think that even if the shampoo and conditioner made no difference at all to my hair I would buy these again anyway, just for the smell!

Effectiveness: My hair is super soft, smooth and sleek after using these products for the first time. It feels really moisturised and in great condition. There are no tugs/ knots at all. As for volume, there is a bit of an improvement.

Flaws: I haven't found any flaws so far. The only thing I noticed was that the shampoo didn't foam very well but I think that was my own fault as I was rationing the shampoo to try and make it last so next time I'll use a bit more next time.

Rating: Overall, I am impressed with this product. It didn't work miracles though the gorgeous smell and softness of my hair after use means I give these products 8/10!

Soap & Glory Haul

Hi everyone!

So if you follow me on twitter, you'll know that yesterday I went a big shopping trip which was super exciting as I feel like I've been stuck in my bedroom for months studying. I went out planning to get a few bits and bobs from my wishlist and I came back with that and much more! I will be telling you all about my purchases/ day in upcoming posts as I feel like I can go into more detail if I divide it up.
So first up, my most exciting purchases- Soap & Glory! As you will know from previous posts (here and here), I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Soap & Glory! When I went into Boots, I found that they are doing a fab offer- spend £10 on Soap & Glory and get a free 500ml bottle of Foam Call Body Wash worth £6.50! I was amazed and since I was already buying Dr Spot and No Clogs Allowed which came to £19 (or thereabouts) I also picked up a mini The Righteous Butter. So for spending £21.50 on Soap & Glory products I got 2 full-size free bottles of Foam Call. Not bad eh? 
Free! ^
Tonight I will be trying out the body wash, body butter and face mask and I am beyond excited! Already, I am really impressed with the packaging and smell (I bought the body butter purely because it has the gorgeous Original Pink smell!) I'll post reviews for each (definitely Dr. Spot and No Clogs Allowed) in the course of the next few weeks to let you know how I get on with them!

That's all from me this evening, hope everyone enjoys the rest of this lovely summery evening. As for me I think I better get down to more studying- boo!

Quick Updates & Blog Makeover!

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all good! I can't believe I'm at 42 followers, it's amazing thank you! I've had a super busy week as you can tell with my lack of posts but I'm going to try and pre-write a few tonight so I'll have a few to publish during the week. 

One of the reasons I haven't been posting this week is that I've been working really hard on this new layout. I have honestly chopped and changed about 5 times but I am now really happy with what I have. I am so happy with how it has turned out, I think its more 'me' now!

I've also added my own twitter and bloglovin' buttons in the sidebar, and let me tell you- writing the HTML for those was not a walk in the park!

I only have two more tweaks before I'm finished and that's adding a 'Hair' page and a 'Disclamer' which shouldn't be too much trouble. I've also changed the header (quite an obvious change), the background, the sidebar background (not sure if I'm 100% happy with this yet), I've added a little divider between posts and I've changed my signature.

So I thought I'd mark this little occasion with a post to share the before and after pictures, so here they are:


So now that I've got the perfect layout, I'm back to posting yay! Can't wait to get into it as I've got so much to show you all, starting with my Soap & Glory haul yesterday. 

That's all from me for now, 

New signature woop! ^

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sunday Shopping 2: Primark

Hi everyone!

The little followers count is increasing every time I log on which makes me so happy- thank you guys! My week has been hectic as usual so blogging is my half hour break, though sometimes its longer when I'm distracted with Kardashians!

Today's shop is a classic: Primark. It's one of my favourite shops and when I'm in there's always something that catches my eye. It is extremely affordable, yet has a great range and fab interpretations of current trends. 

I am loving their spring line just now, especially the chiffon blouses. These are a few items I have bought recently:

I absolutely love these neutral shades, they're perfect for the transition from winter to spring. The first blouse is smart and chic and the second is comfy and casual. They are both great tucked in to bottoms. Also, I love the bag as it goes with most of my clothes and it was on sale. Finally, the Ultra Soft Super Skinny jeans are a definite staple in my wardrobe. They are so comfy, flattering and since they stretch they're a fab fit. 

The only flaw that I sometimes find with Primark is that sometimes their quality isn't the best. A few weeks ago I bought some welly-booties and the bows fell off after only a week. However, the store have a great returns policy so they were replaced easily. 

Thats all from me, hope everyone has a good day!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Perfumes: A Tad Obsessed?

Hi Everyone!

Firstly, I'd like to thank you- I'm now up to 27 followers, which to me is such an achievement :) I'd also like to apologise for my lack of posts, I've been bombarded with studying and I'm afraid over the next few weeks it'll only increase so I'll only be doing a few posts a week.

Anyway, today I thought I would show you all my perfume collection. Like many things, at one point I was obsessed with perfumes, so I gathered quite a collection (to say the least). I have completely stopped asking for perfume for birthdays/Christmas as I am trying to get through all this but honestly, I've got enough to last my whole life. However, when I took it all out of my drawer I thought it looked quite pretty and you might be interested. 

I think ultimately my favourite thing about perfume is that each one triggers a different memory. For example, Far Away by Avon is a perfume that may not be very well know, but I am never without a bottle as it reminds me so much of when I was about four and my little cousin and I would go crazy with my mum's bottle. And the Kate Moss perfume really reminds me of a trip to Holland a few years ago. I literally could go on and on! 

However, at the moment, my favourite perfume is Marc Jacobs Daisy. I love all his scents and would buy them all if my drawer wasn't already overflowing. Daisy is so fresh and has a very unique scent that reminds me of summer and holidays. 

Which perfumes trigger memories in you? 

That's all from me today, I will hopefully be able to post at some point over the weekend. I'm off to spray everything in sight with a scent in the hope of using up some of this vast collection!


Sunday, 11 March 2012

My Current Wishlist

Hi everyone!

So I've been planning to do a wishlist for a while and its finally here. I initially thought there would be a few bits and bobs but actually putting everything together made me realise- its huge! Being in the blogging community for just a few weeks has made me want to try so many different things. The list is in order of what I want most. Click on the picture for a link to the website. Hope you enjoy it!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Shade 52
Fond de teint Healthy Mix

Soap and Glory DR SPOT™ Invisible Spot Fighting Gel
Soap and Glory NO CLOGS ALLOWED™ Intensive-Action Pore-Refining Facial Peel

MUA Lashes in Vixen
MUA Mosaic Bronzer- Sunkissed Glow

Aussie Volume Shampoo and Conditioner
A hairbrush with natural bristles
A product thumbnail of Denman Medium Grooming Brush Natural Bristle & Nylon Pins
Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush Rose D'Or
Rose d
MUA BB Creams
Real Techniques Stippling Brush
Soap and Glory Scrub Your Nose In It Face Scrub and Mask

Topshop The Sofia Bag By Marc B**
The Sigma Cleansing and Polish Tool
Soap and Glory The Birthday Box
The Birthday Box
Real Tehniques Travel Essentials
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

So there it is, thats all from me tonight, what's on your current wishlist?

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Saturday Shopping 1: Boohoo

Hi Everyone!

This is my first Saturday Shopping post. Every Saturday I will do a shopping themed post which will consist of hauls, favourite shops or favourite trend. Today I will start with my favourite online store:

 I have put together a selection of my favourite pieces which are available from boohoo now. I have numbered each item and the links to their pages are below.

This top is down to £6 which is a great bargain. It's simple and girly and great for spring.
These jeans are absolutely gorgeous. Worn with a plain top, these are an attention grabbing piece. 
This is my favourite of today's post. Its simple yet classic and has a contrasting peter pan collar (which I LOVE). This could be worn day or night and is the perfect wardrobe staple.
These are a lot a slightly more expensive take on my own black wedges. The gold zips make for very nice detailing and these go with almost any outfit.
This super cute top screams spring and will literally go with everything because of its neutral colour. Hurry though there's not many left in stock. 
I love playsuit and I would buy it immediately (if I wasn't trying to save!) A must for any spring/ summer wardrobe.
I'm currently loving side zipped jackets. This woollen one is probably a piece more suited to winter but there are still a few weeks to get use out of it.
A great bag that fits all of your essentials, matches many outfits and seems comfortable to wear. A definite consideration for a new bag (which I am in desperate need of!)

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I think mine will consist mostly of studying-yawn. 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Much More Than A Magazine!

Hi :)

Today I bought the March edition of ELLE magazine and oh my! Its fantastic- filled to bursting! I see it more as a book than a magazine.

I picked up one of the larger, A4 sized copies as I try to do everything possible to get my £3.90 worth. It is packed full of the latest seasons trends, adverts and how to wear key pieces. There are also some great articles about friendship and the work versus life balance. 

However, the highlight of a magazine, for me, is the freebies! Inside, there was a full size Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara worth £10, an exclusive invitation to your nearest Dior beauty counter to receive an eye makeover and a personalised beauty sample, a sample of Rimmel London's new Wake Me Up Foundation, a mini mag of Derhy's Spring-Summer 2012 collection and a fragrance page of Jimmy Choo. 

As you will gather over the coming posts, I am absolutely obsessed with Soap & Glory and I went out to buy ELLE purely because of the free mascara. I also really love how magazines give samples because it allows you to 'try before you buy', and I can't wait to try the Rimmel Foundation and get my Dior eye makeover.

Usually I tend to buy magazines which have more articles, but recently I have came to appreciate how the pictures of styles and trends in the likes of ELLE or Vogue will quickly filter on down to Topshop, H&M and Primark and it's great to spot what's coming into style early, to see which key pieces will be a hit in the coming seasons.

I have only bought ELLE once or twice before, but if every months issue is like this it will definitely become a necessity! 

Winter OOTD

Hi Everyone!

I'm so excited to see my followers slowly increase day by day and I love getting comments from you guys it reminds me that I'm not just talking to myself and someone is actually interested!

Today I thought I'd do a winter themed Outfit Of The Day. Since spring is just around the corner I thought I'd put this post up to get the final few uses out of my rainy day clothes (though knowing the weather in Scotland, my rainy day clothes will be lasting me well into July!) 

Jeggings: Primark
Mac: Lipsy @ Next (Sale £80 down to £30!)
Scarf: Accessorize

I love this outfit because it is the perfect combination of comfort, practicality and I think its really nice in comparison to usual waterproofs.

The jeggings are comfortable yet they are a bit loose around the waste and it doesn't help that they don't have belt holes. I opted for braces under the jacket which actually set the outfit off well.

I love love love the mac- it goes with almost everything and is totally suited to winter. However, I had a bit of a dilemma when I first bought this as it was extremely creased and the label said do not iron. I ironed it anyway and it was fine, though I'm still not completely satisfied.

Also, the scarf is great. Like the mac it matches everything and is super cosy even though it looks pretty thin.

So that's all from me today! As ever I'm going to watch some Kardashians before bed. 

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Polish Post 2

Hi Everyone!


  • I'm up to 13 followers, thank you guys :) They say 13 is unlucky for some, and knowing my luck it'll stay at 13 forever, but hopefully we'll just keep growing. 
  • I've had a pretty hectic week, and today was spent sitting in the one position studying for hours! I've decided to take a little break and watch some Kardashians (did I mention I'm obsessed?) and blog!
  • I've been thinking about some regular themed posts and so far as well as my Polish Posts I thought I would do a Saturday Shop one? It'll be made up of my favourite shops, favourite items from shops and hauls. 
  • In addition, after being on the blogging scene for just 3 weeks, I already have a huge list of products and tools that I have seen on other blogs that simply must be mine, so I'll also do a wishlist post shortly :)
Anyway, moving on to the actual post, I have decided to do today's Polish Post on MUA Love Heart Nail Varnish: 'U ROK'.

After seeing this on a few blogs, I decided during my little MUA haul that I would get it, and I am so glad I did! And at only £2 per bottle, you can't go wrong!

Colour: It is a lovely bluey lilac colour, it really 'pops' and stands out yet matches almost anything.

Consistency: The polish is really opaque with two coats and it goes onto the nail really well. Its not too runny or too thick which means hopefully it'll last ages without drying up.

Brush: I've mentioned before that I absolutely love the regular MUA brushed because they are square shaped, which is quite unusual but applies the nail polish really well to my short nails. When I realised this brush was round I was a tad disappointed, but I didn't have to be because the brush is just as good as regular MUA ones! It is slightly thinner which actually ensures I make less mistakes. The brush gathers a perfect amount of polish almost every time so there are no spillages or dreaded leaks onto the finger.

Result: I was very, very happy with the result. I was left with a smooth, shiny finish meaning there was no need for a top coat. 

Durability: This lasted a good few days which was great and lives up to the standard of the regular MUA Polish line. However, as you will notice in the brush picture, I did get a chip on my middle finger the next day. This was easily resolved with a touch up though and I wasn't left with any ugly, obvious layers.

Rating: Overall, I am very happy with this product which is why I am giving it a 9/10!

That's all from me, hope everyone has a great night. I'm off to watch more Kardashians !