Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Collective Haul

First off- apologies for the shoddy picture quality. This is what happens when you haven't blogged properly in months and good habits are forgotten (don't even get me started on the amount of new products I've forgotten to take pictures of before I've used them)!

I came across this picture on my phone and thought I'd give a little run down of what I bought on a recent (ish) shopping trip. The top, skirt and necklace were what I wore on my birthday night out and I absolutely love them. A-line skirts are an absolute favourite right now. I think they're a really good shape on me; so much so that I've since bought this  same skirt in khaki. It was actually my mum who pointed out this necklace in Primark after me going on about how much I needed statement necklaces (after watching so much Gossip Girl). Compared to the ones I had been looking at in H&M which were all well over £10, this was a bargain and its really pretty. I always fear that Primark jewellery will break within one wear but this necklace has held up well as I've now worn it a few times. 

I also picked up some holiday bits. You can't go wrong with the sunglasses in Primark for £1 or £2: I buy a few pairs each year; they're cute and it doesn't matter if they break. These sandals were only around £4 and I wore them every single night on holiday- well worth it. As for beauty things from Superdrug I bought nail polish remover as a means of preventing myself biting polish off, Vitamin E Superbalm for cuticles and lips and Eyelure 101's- my favourite going out lashes. 
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  1. That's a great haul, and honestly sometimes we all get a lazy when it comes to taking product photos. It happens! I love that eye lash brand!!

  2. Wow I'm late on reading this!! The necklace is cute! :)

  3. Cute selection!! Just follow you, feel free to visit back :) mandyshareslife.com