Sunday, 28 September 2014

When you're under the weather...

You'll know your body well enough to know the signals it sends out when you're less than a picture of perfect health. I'm not talking about a full on flu or bed ridden illness, just a bug or cold which leaves you feeling run down. For me, alarm bells start to ring when I'm really tired (more than usual which pretty much turns me into a sloth), have a sore throat/ its painful to swallow and the side of my lip becomes cut. Most of the time, these symptoms arise when I've been over exerting myself. 

With Freshers week still underway or just over, here are my top tips for when you're feeling poorly: or you have, as it is notoriously known: Freshers Flu.
  • Sleep sleep sleep. Give your body a chance to recover. It allows rest and repair as well as relief from symptoms. 
  • Tea. I don't know if its just me that does this, but as soon as I recognise that I'm not well I go into tea overdrive: English breakfast, pure green or peppermint- you name it, I have a mug of it. While I have absolutely no idea if it has any proven medical benefits or speeds recovery time, it definitely makes me feel better. And a spoonful of honey in a cup of green tea does wonders for a sore throat.
  • Water. It seems obvious but there's no better time than when you're unwell to make sure you're getting enough water into your system. Its easy to forget to hydrate when you're constantly on the go but it is completely essential.
  • Have a night off. Its easy to be caught up in the late nights but sometimes the only thing I want is to fall asleep at 10pm watching a Disney movie. It gives your body a well needed break and you wake up fresh as a daisy (ready for those early morning lectures).
  • Time. Sometimes, time is the only cure. You're body might just need to adapt to new surroundings and new routine, and that doesn't happen overnight. Don't be afraid to just wait it out.
To sum up: have fun, but look after yourself.
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PS. I am absolutely by no means a health expert- I'm just sharing my own experience and hoping it will help. 

Friday, 19 September 2014

Autumn Fashion & Makeup Haul

I'll admit it: the prospect of starting uni as well as my excitement for autumn and poring over high street shops' websites for hours finally got to me and I went on a bit of a blow out. You might look at this and think 'you were quite restrained' or, you might be on the 'omg you got all this on one shopping trip?!' camp. For me, this is way more than I'd usually haul but in my opinion, its justified by the above reasons and by the fact it was mostly paid for by the tips I'd been saving for months. 
Apologies for the less-than-great picture quality. I thought it was better to hang what I could up so you could see it better. My camera also decided to run out of charge so today's snaps are 50% camera, 50% iPhone- eugh.

SuperdrugSleek Palette £9.99 / MUA Palette £4
Boots: Natural Collection 2 for £3.50
New Look: Coat £44.99 (£49.99 without student discount)
Primark: Pink Jumper £8 / Grey Charcoal Cardigan £12 / Grey Charcoal Shoes £4 / Grey Gold Scarf £4 / Black Chiffon Blouse £8 / Super High Waist Skinny Jeans £10

Its safe to say that I am so excited to wear all of this and be all cosy for the approaching season. I had an absolute rush of happiness the other day when I first noticed the leaves on the ground (probably also fueled by the shopping buzz).

I should probably get off to sleep now and try and rid myself of what I think is freshers flu. In all honesty I thought it was a myth/ I would definitely be immune since I'm living at home but general tiredness and a throat which feels sliced have gotten the better of me. 

If you'd like to see any Freshers/ starting uni themed posts be sure to let me know. I currently have a stationary one in the pipeline. Also leave a comment telling me what you've been hauling lately.
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Friday, 12 September 2014

Topshop A/W Picks

I don't know its the fact that Cara Delevingne is fronting it or the fact that most of it is already sold out but am seriously lusting after Topshop's A/W collection. You'll notice that Julz' Obsessions has been quite wishlist heavy of late- that's purely because I'm trying to save and need some sort of outlet to replace the buzz of purchasing new things.
Limited Edition Embellished Feather Hem Bodycon Dress
Diamante Trim Bodycon Dress
Rolo Skinny Strappy Sandals
High-waisted Leather-look Trousers
Double Collar Blouse
MOTO Authentic Ripped Skinny Jeans
Leopard Print Pelmet Skirt
I am absolutely in love with the Diamante Trim Dress. It is so chic, classy and probably my favourite piece of the collection. The double collar blouse is also right up my street and it seems these Victorian-esque white blouses are a must have for A/W. Which is your favourite?
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Saturday, 6 September 2014

A/W New Look Wishlist

Far from my mindset this time last year, at the moment I'm ready for dark colours and wooly jumpers. Although summer doesn't technically end until the 21st, its actually been quite a few weeks now since I refreshed my wardrobe for the upcoming season: putting away my shorts, bright vests and swimwear and looking out my winter wear. Naturally, I want to add a few bits a wardrobes worth of new clothes to my autumn/ winter appropriate selection, and the range in New Look has definitely caught my eye.

Yellow Check Matching Set Boxy Tee

Black Ditsy Floral Print Scallop Hem Top

Black Jacquard Houndstooth Print Top

Blue Acid Wash Belted Mom Shorts

Pink Velvet Floral Scrunchie

Dark Blue Frill Trim Cable Knit Socks

Navy Pembridge and Rose Flecked Cable Knit Crop Jumper

Blue Acid Wash Mom Jeans

Black Halterneck Crop Top

Black High Waisted Supersoft Skinny Jeans

Khaki Textured Crepe Duster Coat

Black Low Block Heel Chelsea Boots

While I go and cry into my bank statement about the fact it can't stretch to even half of this lot, leave a comment or tweet me whats on your A/W clothing wishlist.
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P.S Don't get me started on the unnecessarily large spaces between the clothes' links: Blogger just absolutely did not want to cooperate. 

Monday, 1 September 2014

Hello September...

While I myself sometimes find myself having to put in a bit of extra effort to read other bloggers' update posts, I also have an unsuppressable urge every now and then to write a big one of my own. I'm going to keep this one short and sweet though (hopefully) so it doesn't feel like you're climbing Everest to reach the end. 

Blog Stuff
  • I'm so proud that I managed to keep up with my August schedule of 3 posts a week.
  • From now on I'm going to be posting once a week with the odd extra post so that I can keep consistency without compromising studying.
  • I'm so pleased to have reached 300 Bloglovin' followers and 320 GFC followers.
  • Be sure to let me know if there is anything in particular you'd like me to post about.

Life Stuff
  • I'm really pretty ready for the autumn. I've already been living in cosy jumpers and darker colours. I like the thought of being cosy on winter nights with candles and hot chocolate!
  • I'm starting university this month! I'll be studying English Literature, English Language and Sociology.
  • As of yesterday, I've been working for a year. I'm also now training as bar staff.
  • I've been doing driving lessons. Its going really well and I'm enjoying it a lot.
  • I went on my first holiday with my friends to Malia and it was absolutely incredible. I've never wanted to stay on a holiday more.
  • I've finally been making an effort to drink more water- hooray!
  • I've achieved most of my summer bucket list but I've decided not to write an autumn one because last years was a bit of a fail. Who has time to go nature walks and take pictures of leaves anyhoo?
  • TV wise I'm still loving Doctor Who and PLL and I'm so excited that The X Factor is back!
  • I'm loving Ed Sheeran's album 'X'.

Hobbies To Try Update (See this post)
  • I'm going to my first yoga class in 2 years tomorrow.
  • I made really simple bracelets and loom bands.
  • I tried 'colouring pages' (yes it really constitutes a hobby) and while it could be seen as relaxing, I found it pretty under-stimulating and time consuming.
  • I haven't done any actual origami, but I have pinned a lot of ideas. I'm basically half way there.
  • I haven't managed much reading (still on summer reading book 3/40), running (lol) or scrapbooking. I still have a fortnight though!
I think that's everything! What's new with you?
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