Sunday, 17 August 2014

Ellie Goulding Love

I do this all the time. Someone, usually a celebrity, comes onto my radar and something about them inspires me or sparks my interest. I then try to find out everything about them. I want to know their favourite products, how they got to where they are now, where their clothes are from. Heck my obsession with Caroline Flack a couple of years ago got to the point that I bought a dress just because she wore the same one on Xtra Factor (albeit the dress was very pretty- she does have amazing style). Anyway, I aspire to the person almost to the point of stalkerism until the phase slowly mellows out. 

Right now I just love Ellie Goulding.

It began seeing her perform live at T in the Park. She was a real stand out and I definitely didn't expect her to be as good as she was. I loved how much energy she put into her set. I then began to think how I actually liked a lot of her songs too. I then read this months issue of Glamour magazine which she is on the cover of. I was sold. I love her hair, her figure, her clothes. Whats more she seems lovely, mellow and down to earth. 

Now, I'm fully aware that I look nothing like her. That fact didn't stop me wanting to take inspiration from her makeup look in Glamour and try to recreate something similar. Never would I usually use pink eyeshadow and pencil liner on my top lashline. I am fully committed to my earthy tones and black liquid eyeliner. Surprisingly though, I found that stepping out of my usual makeup comfort zone was a great idea. I loved the eyeshadow! It took quite a while to do as I was cautious of looking like I had pink eye or like I was on my way to a rave but it actually turned out really well.

I've not went into detail about the products I used but if you're interested just leave a comment and I'll let you know.

What do you think of my attempt? Do you like Ellie Goulding?
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