Monday, 26 August 2013

My List of Lists!

Hey Everyone!

You may remember in my 'The Summer Bucket List- Review' post I mentioned that list making is my new obsession. Primarily, lists are great for keeping track of what you need to do and your goals. I have also found that they're a great alternative to journal writing to look back on and think "Oh! Remember I used to spend my time doing that!".

One day during the summer I took it upon myself to fill a whole notebook with different lists. It was actually really enjoyable! I got most of my ideas online but took bits and pieces from different places so I thought I'd share the ones I did to maybe inspire you!
Filling up the lists was, in general, a lot easier than I thought and they're great to have to hand. I found "Things I find funny" difficult to do as it wasn't very specific and also, the "My Favourite Animal" one only consisted of "Giraffes". Other than those though, I filled most pages! And I was glad to use up a notebook that would have otherwise been doing nothing.

Do you have any ideas for other lists I could make? Will you be giving any of these a go?

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PS- I have said the word list so much while writing this that the word has lost all meaning!

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