Thursday, 8 August 2013

L'Oreal Telescopic Waterproof Mascara Review

Hey Everyone!

I bought the L'Oreal Telescopic Waterproof Mascara quite a while ago now and have just given it a proper road test recently. I loved the regular Telescopic but when I wore it to school I ended up with severe panda eyes- so we had to part ways. Then the logical step forward was the waterproof version.

I really like the packaging of this mascara: it is a nice shade of blue, there is no rubbing away of the writing, its sturdy and handily: stands on a flat surface. The brush is super long, thin and angled at the tip which makes it really easy to get to the inner and outer lashes which are otherwise tricky, but it doesn't give a great deal of control. 

Application is a little tricky- I find the formula dries very quickly, so its sometimes difficult to work with and lashes can clump. 

On the lashes, the mascara offers great length and fair volume. I love how flared it makes the lashes and how it holds a curl all day long. Its also very black and remains like that all day with no flaking, fall down or smudging (which is an achievement considering my oily eyelids).

The thing that puts me off using this mascara is that its a nightmare to get off. I soaked my lids in Bioderma for a few minutes then and rubbed and rubbed until it finally came off. If an average mascara takes 5 points of effort to come off, this takes 20. On the upside, it doesn't budge a millimeter with water- so perfect for this time of year.

Overall, this is probably one of the better mascaras you can get in the drugstore, though it is also one of the most expensive. I'm a believer in you get what you pay for when it comes to mascara, and personally I would pay a few pounds more for a mascara that is just as nice on the lashes but isn't as difficult to remove. 

I think they have repackaged this mascara since I bought it, but as far as I know this is the same product.

Have you tried it? What are your thoughts?

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