Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Sunday Post #9

Hey Everyone!

Pheww- I haven't blogged in over a week! Bad Julianne. Its been months since I've had such a dip. I am however going to try and get back into the every second day routine as I feel so out of touch with everything when I leave this corner of the web neglected for so long.

Oh and happy Easter! (A week late oops!)
How cute are these knits my mum made me?!

My Life
Its the Easter holidays yay! The first night of the holidays I decided (rather indulgently) to have it to myself and try some DIYs I saw on Pinterest (look out for that in a coming post). Then I was in Edinburgh for a few days which was fantastic but soo cold! I thought nowhere could be colder than Glasgow, but was proven wrong. I did lots of shopping though- watch the haul here. Then the rest of my days have consisted of being in the library 24/7. Its so weird all the days have merged into one because I'm just studying.

Some Edinburgh snaps:
Starbucks hot choc for the journey
The first daffodils I've seen all year
The most amazing desert. Ever.

Weekly Favourite
I am absolutely obsessed with Pinterest. Comment with your Pinterest names below so I can have a nosy at your boards! Mine is I've also been loving my Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in shade 107. I refuse to stop wearing it until the sun fully appears (talking of sun, how amazing is it having lighter nights?! I'm loving it!)

So that's all- quite a short post this week! I'm going to go on and write a few more posts before I go to bed (its currently the early hours of Sunday morning) so I have a stash for during the week.

How has your week been?


  1. That dessert looks so nice. I'm obsessed with Pinterest too! My user name is Raspberrykiss :) xo

    1. It was incredible lol! Worth the 6846876 calories :P Yay! You have a new follower xx

  2. Aww the knitted animals are so cute. I have been doing so much studying too, it makes me wonder how I'll have time for anything when I'm back at school! xo

    1. I know :) I know its taking up my whole life! In saying that, today has consisted mostly of Youtube and blogs so I should probably get working! xx

  3. Yummy dessert! I'm rachel bell on pinterest :)

    1. It really was! Thanks I'll have a peek :D xx

  4. Those knitted animals are too cute xx