Thursday, 11 April 2013

Random Snaps

Hey Everyone!

I'm a blogger. I take pictures. Of a hole variety of stuff. And you know what? Sometimes those pictures don't accommodate a whole post of their own, but I still want to show you them so you can enjoy/ be inspired by them, as I am. So every now and again, there will be a post of random pictures :)
I love arm candy at the moment.
I have a lot of mascaras.
I found this sanctuary of amazingness in Jenners in Edinburgh.
Bird cages, dress form- need I say anything else?
Oh hey there :)
I adore shabby chic. If only I could buy a mansion and decorate it all this extravagantly!

Have you taken any pretty/ inspiring pictures lately? Leave me links!


  1. What a fun idea!! Sometimes I just feel like taking photos too, haha what a great way to share them :) xo