Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Sunday Post #1

Hey Everyone! 

I've decided on yet another post series- The Sunday Post. Sunday is the day where I almost always post as I stay up on Saturday night (like now), writing. So on a Sunday I thought I'd do a kind of general, chatty post consisting of my week, instagram pictures (if I get back into it!) and my week's favourite! And who knows, perhaps I'll actually keep up with this themed post!
You might have noticed I added some pictures to the sidebar. I thought it'd be nice to pick a few which represent my blog best! There's also a poll (ooer!) which I'd appreciate your votes on! The next aim in terms of design is coming up with a better blog description, as I think the current one is really old and doesn't accurately describe my blog.

My Life
In short- stressful! My prelims (which are like practice/ backup exams) are this week (OMG HELP!) and to be perfectly honest I've never been this busy/freaked out/unstable in my life! To give you an idea, I spent today (Saturday) in school then the library then my house studying maths for about 12 hours. Eek!

Weekly Favourite
Ok, I know I'm extremely, latest of the late on the bandwagon, but recently I have been loving One Direction! I liked them when they were on The X Factor (especially Zayn) but since they got so big I kind of lost interest. However, mostly thanks to my favourite Youtubers, I think they're amazing again! I particularly love 'Kiss You' which is such a silly, happy song! I just want to run around doing the swimming dance listening to it haha!

How has your week been?


  1. i have been doing mock exams, and i totally understand how stressful it is. i am not looking foward to june when i have to do all of my final ones :S i love these kind of posts xxx

    1. Oh me neither- mine are in May! I don't even get a break :) Aw thanks! xx

  2. Gotta love a bit of One Direction!
    Good luck with your exams :)I'm sure after all that studying you'll do great!
    Frankie xx

  3. i'm scarily way too obsessed with that one direction song- and good luck with all the exams! xx

    1. I think everyone is- its contagious! Thanks xx