Sunday, 16 December 2012

Instagram | The Last Fortnight in Pictures #14

Hey Everyone!

I'm currently taking a break from my maths homework which, frankly is making me want to jump out the window. I have a lot to do today, so I'll keep this post quick.

I've had a very festive themed fortnight (besides the endless hours studying which is not enjoyable at all!) I decided to have Friday night and yesterday off so I got all festive on Friday and decorated my room whilst listening to Christmas songs and yesterday I went shopping (and bought some new killer red heels!).
From left to right and down:
pretty lights in town | tree of lights | green nails | someone put this sweet in my Christmas card- what a good idea! | Santa decoration outside my house | snow fairy shower time yay | Christmas shelf- spot the Santa I made in primary! | my first Lush bath - amazing- | I got my secret santa gift yay - this is it after I opened and re-wrapped it haha | organising my jewellery | stocking ooit | Christmas dance dress | feeling festive! | Topshop nail polish from my secret Santa- it changes colour in different lights- ooer | my lovely Christmas card from Melanie (blog + YT) - made my day! | day 16/24

Its safe to say that writing this post has cheered me up a little and I'm ready to go back to studying (eugh!)

How has your week been?


  1. You bath looks uber relaxing x

    1. It was the best bath I've ever had! x

  2. Such cute pictures! And math makes me want to jump out a window too :)

  3. Such lovely pictures! I know how you feel, I have a mountain of revision to do for my second year exams :(

    Good luck with it all though!