Friday, 2 November 2012

Cheryl Cole A Million Lights Concert

Hey Everyone!

Remember me? I'm back to normal life after a crazy last two weeks (I was in a musical woot!) so hopefully regular(ish) posting will resume. In saying that, today's post is not beauty or fashion related but instead I thought I'd share with you some pictures of when I went to see Cheryl two weeks ago.

This is how close we actually were! ^
It was absolutely amazing and it made me love Cheryl even more. We had really good seats and at one point Cheryl came and stood on this big platform just in front and she was so close! The concert made me realise just how much she has done as a solo artist and what an incredible dancer she is. And in case you're wondering, my cousin and I did try to sneak round the back of the arena and we got really close to the tour bus but we were sent off by a security guard (spoil sport!) I really hope Cheryl returns more to the public eye as I often (weirdly) forget how much I love her! I think she's got a knack of pulling off whatever she wears or does- like she had in side braid kind of things which I have never been a fan of but they looked great on her and it made me want to try them (odd example I know! :P)

Do you like Cheryl Cole? Would you like to see more of this kind of 'what I'm up to' post?

On a side note- I would like to try and write up posts on my phone but my Blogger app is stuck with posts from like 10 weeks ago and will not refresh even after reinstalling it- any ideas why this is?

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