Thursday, 23 August 2012

NOTD 6 | Solid Glitter

Hey Everyone!

As you might know from reading this post and this post, I am head over heels with glitter nail polish. When I was in Barcelona I saw that Claire's were having a big sale so I decided to pick up some of their glitter polishes. I picked up the solid gold, red with gold flecks and black with silver flecks and they were €2 each and so far the gold is my absolute favourite. I like to do two coats of gold glitter then Maybelline Express Finish as a top coat.
The thing I love most about this nail polish its opacity. Unlike the Topshop glitters (which I now think are just a top coat for a hint of glitter), two coats of this and your nail is solid glitter. I think its amazing and absolutely love when it catches my eye and I'm like ooh pretty! Its also the perfect gold colour, they've really got the metallic spot on; its not orangey or brown at all. In addition, the brush is really easy to work with. Its square which works well with my short nails and it picks up heaps of the glitter. The consistency is verging on thick but surprisingly its not gloopy and again, applies well and dries within a few minutes. The great thing about glitter nail polish is that it barely chips, and this lasts at least 3 days without peeling which I think is great. Also, unlike many glitter nail polishes, this doesn't feel rough to touch, especially with the topcoat. 

Rating: 10/10 
Yep- top marks for Claire's glitters- from the excellent payoff to the tiny price tag, I can't find any faults with this little bottle of wonder!

Have you tried any of Claire's glitter nail polishes? Which is your favourite?


  1. Very lovely :) I love shinny glitters too, I think we might have been magpies in a previous life ROFL :D x

    1. Thanks! They're soo pretty :D Haha I think indeed we were! xx

  2. I love this! Glittery nails are my favourite at the minute! :))
    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog:

    Terri xo