Sunday, 24 June 2012

Review | MUA Liquid Liner vs No7 Amazing Eyes Liner

Hey Everyone!

I have been posting quite a few reviews lately so I thought today I would take a bit of a different approach and instead of just reviewing my new No7 liquid liner I would compare it to what I had been using: MUA's liquid liner. 
Each liner is an own brand make- MUA is Superdrug and No7 is Boots.
The MUA liner is £1 and the No7 one is £8.75 (though only £3.75 with the £5 off No7 vouchers which are currently available.)

In terms of packaging, both items are pretty similar. Simple black with metallic coloured lettering. Both look high end and classic. The MUA one is 3.1ml and No7 is 4ml which shows looks can be deceiving as the No7 one looks at least double the size.

The applicators of the liners are, in my opinion, quite different. The MUA one is pointed and very firm which means it can be a bit scratchy to apply. On the other hand, the No7 one is like a tiny paintbrush which is soft and has enough flexibility to glide smoothly over the lid but not so floppy that your line will end up at your eyebrow.

Also, the formula of each liner is quite different. I find the No7 one a lot wetter and pigmented, although I think perhaps because I've had the MUA one for quite a while it is beginning to dry up.

The finished results of both liners can be more or less the same, depending on how much effort you put in. Application of the MUA liner takes quite a bit of time, patience and a flexible wrist to reach awkward angles, though if you get enough on the brush the line comes out a pigmented black. Be careful not to let the line dry and then go over it though as it will start peeling. The No7 one, as I mentioned, glides on in one motion and takes about 10 seconds, depending on if your doing a flick or not. It gives a bold black line instantly, and is more glossy than the MUA one.
Wearing MUA liner a few minutes after application.

Wearing No7 liner a few minutes after application.

The most significant difference I have noticed in the liners though is their staying power. By the end of the day, the MUA liner has crumbled and looks really bad. However, the No7 liner is immaculate as if it had just been applied.
Wearing MUA liner after around 7 hours of application.

I would recommend the MUA one to anyone who would just be wearing it for a few hours or for someone brand new to liquid eye liner and who needs to practice (that's how I got the hang of it!) I think that for £1 you may as well give it a go!

My hands-down favourite though, is of course the No7 Amazing Eyes Liner. I wouldn't pay the full £8.75 but I think £3.75 is completely worth it. It is perfect and after using this I doubt I'll be returning to my MUA one.

Which do you prefer? Do you like this type of review post? Feel free to leave any requests for posts in the comments.


  1. Fab post. I totally agree with you, the MUA liner does have a tendency to crumble which is a shame xoxoxo

  2. Thanks! I know it is, because when you just apply it it looks good then a few hours later you look in the mirror to find it gone :( xx