Friday, 22 June 2012

Haul | What I Have Bought Recently {H&M, Internacionale, M&S, Primark & Boots}

Hey Everyone!

This weekend I went on a bit of a spendathon- getting the last bits and bobs for my holiday and some early items for school (I think its better to start school shopping early to avoid the crazy rush in late July early August). Hauls are my favourite type of post to read and write and I love watching them on YouTube too. I am still considering making videos to go alongside my blog though I am a bit apprehensive because I'm a bit self concious about my accent hehe! Let me know your thoughts :P Anyway, onto the haul, and we'll start with H&M:
I have had my eye on this for a while now and I actually thought it had sold out but I discovered a little section of them in my nearest H&M so grabbed it immediately. It was £14.99 and I think the pale pink shade and hearts are very 'me' although the colour washes me out a little. But I'm hoping that when I'm on holiday it'll be fine since I'll have fake tan on. 
I think these basic skirts are great- they're only £3.99 and are perfect for school. I had one last year and it lasted very well. 
This was one of those last minute, picked up while waiting in the que purchases. It was only 99p so I thought hey-ho why not, I don't have any yellow nail polishes and since its summer I thought I ought to try some bright nails. And also the tiny little bottle swayed me because I love minis!
I found this on the sale rail for only £3. I love that its bright and will be lovely on holiday on a shopping day or to the beach. It creases very easily though!
These were also reduced- down to £1.90. Perfect for the beach or at the pool and since they are a pinkish nude, they will go with everything.
Ah this is my favourite item from the whole haul! I absolutely love playsuits right now and I saw this on a you tube haul and thought 'I need that!' The collar tips are so cute-I love them! The playsuit reminds me of something that Caroline Flack would wear which is another reason I love it so much- she is my ultimate style crush.
I bought this blouse purely because of the collar. Its peter pan, lace and has pearls sewn on- what more could I ask? Sadly though, I had to take it back since it was damaged- if I ever see it again I might repurchase though I'm thinking £12 is a bit steep for a Primark top?
These are the shirts I have for school next year. I got an age 15 thinking they would be fine but they're really huge- watch out for M&S sizing! Though I am just going to keep them as I think they'll be ok tucked into my skirt. These were £18 for the set with 20% off.
This is what I used my £5 off no7 voucher to buy so it was only £3.75. Until now I have been using my MUA liner, thinking it was pretty good but now I see what I have been missing- this liner is amazing! So worth £3.75- I definitely recommend spending your voucher on this. Expect a review soon!
This was £10.99 which I do think is a alot but I have seen this recommended so many times and I had been using my Clinique so much that its almost done so I thought it was time for a change. This mascara truly lives up to the hype- it lengthens my lashes amazingly and defines them well too.

So that's what I've bought recently- quite alot, I know. Oh and apologies for neglecting my blog of late, I have been obsessed with Pretty Little Liars and unlike Friends or EastEnders I can't blog and watch that at the same time- it demands my full attention- which most of the time results in me pooping myself at every jumpy part and biting every single one of my nails off! Better get back to it!

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