Sunday, 8 April 2012

Saturday Shopping 3: Miss Selfridge

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the third instalment of Saturday/Sunday shopping! Today's shop is Miss Selfridge and I decided to put it together after seeing the most amazing dress ever in store and online and noticing that they now have a 'Vintage Style' section on their website. It is full of chiffon blouses, peter pan collars, neutral colours and cute detailing. They should really just name the section Julianne Style and have done with it! 

I always absolutely love the styles in Miss Selfridge, though I actually have very few items from there because I can't justify spending that much on clothes till I'm a working lady! But oh well, I can dream :) 

So here are my favourite pieces from their Vintage Style:

I think I can hear a choir of angels in the distance. This dress is possibly the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. And the shoes. How pretty is this ensemble? Sadly, the dress is sold out online is almost every size, but I think is still available in store, and it also comes with a mint skirt which is equally as lovely.

This collection is so cute and pretty. I love the blouse it is so up my street and would fit into my wardrobe perfectly. Also, I'm really loving the shoes! They're really understated yet something about them is so classic and chic. I think they're really high end looking too.

All of these pieces are available (to view at least, some sizes may be sold out) online here and in store.

I think it's fair to say I am crazy about this collection and would literally buy the whole lot if I could. Its like when your having one of those amazing dreams about a shop that stocks everything that YOU love and you're like 'Hm, must remember to go there later' :)

So yes, I need to drag myself away or I could go on and on about my love for this style forever! Bottom line: Miss Selfridge have a great Vintage Inspired Collection right now that you should definetely check out.

Have a good night!

This was meant to post yesterday but the scheduling didn't work for some reason :S Aw well here it is, a bit late :) Happy Easter! xx