Friday, 21 April 2017

A New Must Have: Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files*

Pink? Check. Sparkly? Check. You can just imagine my excitment when these little beauties arrived on my doorstep a few days ago. As a notorious nail biter, one of the only things that motivates me to grow my nails is having nice products to use on them. Usually, it is a new nail polish but now its Mont Bleu's Glass Nail Files* with -wait for it- Swarovski crystals 😍😍😍.

Until now, I've only ever used bog-standard, run-of-the mill nail files, cuticle sticks and heel scrapers. The kind that you get in a christmas cracker or in a pound shop set. Never had it occured to me that my nails would really appreciate some proper TLC. Glass nail care seems to be really popular at the moment too and this is the first affordable option I've seen. As opposed to an emery board, using these glass nail files was more precise and effecient. I'm usually left with weird angles, uneven lengths and hard to reach places but with these glass files I could round my nails perfectly. 

Mont Bleu is a Czech Republic- based company specialising in producing and decorating items ranging from beauty tools to fine jewellery. My experience with them has been excellent from start to finish: their website is easy to navigate, their staff are really helpful and friendly, I could track my parcel as it was in transit and the products were packaged so well. (Almost too well - I was tearing open the box with excitement trying to get inside!)

Each product comes with its own little protection case which is good if, like me, you're prone (or ahem, highly likely) to drop everything you touch. I've actually already dropped one of these nail files (my heart stopped) but it was completely undamaged. I think this attests to just how well made these products are - although I wouldn't recommend this as a safe test of quality. In all honesty, I had expected them not to be very high quality. I thought they might be made out of cheap materials or the crystals would fall off easily. I could not have been more wrong. Besides their aesthetic loveliness, these products are of amazing quality! The crystals look elegant and there is no sign of glue yet the crystals are firmly attached. The files are solid and heavy yet gentle enough to shape and smooth without damaging. My favourite of the products is actually the Original Foot Sraper. A couple of files and my heels have never been softer! 

Nail care is like skin care - your makeup and polish need a good, strong, healthy base. I'm so glad that I've been introduced to these products. Mont Bleu seems like an authentic, person-focussed company and this comes through in the high quality of their products. Their website even has a gallery of their workers in action. 

If you want to try these for yourself or just oogle at their range, here's the links to Mont Bleu's e-shop & amazon shop. If you're buying through the e-shop, use the code BLOG to get 20% off (who doesn't love a discount code)?

Have you ever tried Mont Bleu products?

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