Sunday, 12 February 2017

5 YEAR Blogiversary!!

Today marks FIVE whole years since I posted for the first time on Julz Obsessions. Half a decade- I can't quite believe it! Over that time, I've done my school qualifications, nearly 3 years at university, got my first part time job (and several others since), passed my driving test and learned a whole lot! 

 The best things about blogging so far have been being part of such a lovely community (even though I haven't done a blogger chat in ages - I'm here in spirit), mastering basic HTML (somehow), having something to look back on that I'm so proud of, improving my photography and discovering some amazing products and recommendations. The post I'm probably proudest of is this one that I wrote in summer 2014 about body confidence. It was quite different from what I normally write but it went down really well and its the type of thing I'd like to do more of. I also really liked putting together the 'Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone' post as so many different bloggers contributed to it and gave fantastic tips. I also love looking back at holiday pictures and update/ life lately posts. My first posts, especially the photos they come with, are so cringe but I like to leave them up for your amusement (and to see how far my technical skills have come). I do wish I'd been more consistent but after many failed attempts at it, I've come to accept that while uni is so demanding, I should focus on that and write lots when I have free time like in summer. I guess my hopes for the next few years is that, however sporadically, I continue to write and enjoy having such a fantastic hobby. 

Of course, before I go, I'd like to thank you! Thank you for reading, commenting and following. I've always said that I blog about things that interest me as my own little outlet but there is nothing nicer than one of you leaving a comment or tweeting me saying you like what I've written. I'm getting really mushy now so I'll stop. But thanks again and who knows, maybe I'll still be blogging in another 5 years!


  1. CONGRATS ON FIVE YEARS JULZ!! I can't believe our blog's birthdays are so close to eachother, today is my blog's fifth birthday haha! :)

    1. Thank you so much lovely!! Me neither and we've never realised :o xx