Wednesday, 12 October 2016

New Watch!

However superficial it may be, I wear watches as accessories rather than to tell me the time. I just use my phone for the time- maybe quite a lot of you do too. I don't wear a watch religiously either, so I don't spend lots of money on them. When rose gold watches first became popular, I was extremely pleased at myself for finding a Michael Kors dupe on Missguided for around £20. I then replaced that with a €10 number from Penny's (Irish Primark) last summer. However, I have a really, really weird tendency to lose watches. Of all the things to lose you'd think that wouldn't be one of them but somehow I take them off and never see them again. Maybe one day I'll stumble upon a secret cove of all my watches from days gone by. As it stood a couple of weeks ago though, I needed a new watch. Since I'd had two, I was pretty much over the solid rose gold and wanted something a bit different. I found this khaki/ mauve watch with a rose gold face in New Look for only £12.99 (plus 10% student discount). It's smart and goes with pretty much all my outfits because I'm really into subtle shades right now like pale pink, navy, camel and white. I really like it and think it looks more expensive than it actually was. This is also the first picture I've ever posted where my nails aren't a bitten mess. My new years resolution was to grow them and so far I have had them long 4 or 5 times - but I can't keep it up. They were nice for this picture though! 

Do you splurge or save when it comes to watches?


  1. That's a really pretty watch!! I'm a fan of cheaper watches as well :)