Friday, 30 September 2016

I Won!

While I was on holiday I received a message on Twitter telling me I had been lucky enough to win a pin from I had completely forgotten that before I set off I randomly retweeted some Freebie Friday tweets. I always do those halfheartedly, never believing for a minute that I might win. You can imagine my surprise and delight then, to realise I actually had. It was such a nice treat to return home to. I became a bit nutty about pin badges in my last job where I decorated my lanyard with them. This little pin, being multicoloured and heart-shaped, is right up my street. Its so cute! It was also really nicely packaged which always makes receiving a parcel that much more special. I was also impressed that the lovely people who sent it spelled Julianne right- that never happens! Its amazing how with just the click of a button to retweet a competition you can win something that will brighten your day! A big thank you to Punky Pins (who you should definitely check out) and apologies to those of you who follow me on twitter whose feed I clog up with these retweets (hehe).