Tuesday, 5 July 2016

It's Worth The Hype!

Even those who have been living under a rock in the beauty blogging world (ahem- me) have wanted to get their hands on the much coveted MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick- a matte nude shade made famous by Kylie Jenner's signature makeup look. I often talk myself out of buying hyped up makeup- usually because its too expensive or because I worry I'll be disappointed. I have scrolled through endless photographs of swatches and picked this up at every MAC counter I've passed over the last year but I've never actually taken the plunge and bought it. Last week though I was so pleased to receive it for my birthday (ah!).

I absolutely love a nude lip and I have used this every day since I bought it. It is very close to my actual lip colour and is a perfect mix of beige and subtle pink tones. It applies completely matte and stays put for much longer than anything else I usually wear (a good few hours at least). Usually I find matte lipsticks drying but this isn't in the slightest. It also has the staple MAC lipstick vanilla scent. I'm so excited to try different makeup looks with this, wear it with liner and mix it with lip creams and other shades. It will be my go-to for the foreseeable and is absolutely worth the hype surrounding it.

What's your favourite cult product?

Friday, 1 July 2016

What I Got For My Twentieth Birthday

It feels so weird no longer being a teenager. I'm a proper adult now- I feel like I need to start doing 'being in my twenties' stuff- though I'm not sure exactly what that is! 

I absolutely love seeing other bloggers' birthday present posts and videos so thought I'd share my own since I'm so chuffed with everything. I got all of my favourite things- chocolate, makeup and skincare bits as well as some gems I've wanted to try for ages including MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick, a Sephora mask and Topshop sunglasses. I always talk myself out of buying things I don't really need so I feel so grateful to be treated to both my everyday essentials and special luxuries. A very big thank you too to Melanie who sent me such fab gifts (as always) which I am so excited to use. I have never seen the Cheryl perfume set but already I love it- the perfume smells lovely, the bottle is really pretty and eyelure lashes are my favourite. My mum also managed to secure the coveted M&S beauty box which has a fantastic selection of high end brand mini's to try. 

I had an absolutely fab day!