Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Something To Think About...

At a time when its so easy to get swept up in the division, uncertainty and fear that has taken hold of the country, I really think its important to focus on things like unity, working together and positivity. Don't get me I'm far from naive to the challenges the UK is facing at the moment, in fact I've been quite vocal about them to anyone who will listen. I've hardly turned off the news and have read article after article over the last few days. But I won't go in to my own political views at the moment. What I want to say is this: being wrapped up in the negative only brings more of the same. Seeing the good and trying to understand situations and people is always the best route to go down. I’m writing to tell you, not just with regard to Brexit, but in everyday situations, to turn on the light whenever you can. 

For me, this weekend, my mood was completely lifted and faith in people restored by Adele’s performance at Glastonbury. I might come across completely ridiculous or shallow but when I saw it I was reminded that essentially we are all the same, and being united- whether that’s in one song or one in call for fairness and acceptance- is so beautiful compared to being divided. I’ll embed the video below for those of you who haven’t seen it- it is truly breathtaking.


  1. Great message, love. Being positive is the way to go in this situation!