Sunday, 15 February 2015

Third Blogiversary!!

Happy Sunday everyone! Finding myself between extremes; my first blog anniversary (biggest deal ever- here and here) and last year's celebration (non-existent), I thought I'd write a little post to mark the fact that this week Julz' Obsessions is three years old. I can't believe how quick it has gone. Although I'm notoriously sporadic, and disappear for sometimes months on end, I always find my way back to writing blog posts and re-finding love for the blogging community and the creativity that comes with it. Of all the things that I've done and all the things that have changed in my life (delving into soppy territory here), this blog has remained constant. I would say 'I hope I'll still be blogging next year' but I know that all being well I will be. And of course I'd like to thank you all for all your support, whether it be commenting on posts, clicking the follow button or just chatting away on twitter. It is the most lovely aspect of blogging! 
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