Saturday, 15 November 2014

Veil Cover Cream- A Miracle Worker?

It has been a few months since I got my hands on the Veil Cover Cream Demonstration Kit* and the reason this review has been so long in the making is that I've never tried a product like it so had to learn how best to use it and really put it to the test. The kit contains 20 different shades of the cover cream and a translucent setting powder. If you've never heard of Veil before- you need only Google it and proceed to sit in awe at the before and after shots.
The shades I found to work best for my skin tone were natural medium and medium, although I did delve into some of the scarier shades like yellow and green for colour correction. I was pleasantly surprised with the sample size of each shade because you need only the tiniest amount of product per application so I can see even the Demonstration Kit lasting a really long time. The product has an unusual texture- its solid in the pot but turns into a thick cream on fingertips. The heavy duty consistency means that it camouflages imperfections but also blends extremely well into the skin really nicely and feels light. Other products such as blush also apply well on top. It smells slightly waxy but its not unpleasant or off-putting.
Veil Cover Cream is a product that falls out of the typical makeup categories. It is neither a foundation or a concealer; it can work as both simultaneously and either or. I've used it on top of my foundation in place of my usual Collection concealer and it did the job nicely. For best effects though, I think Veil Cover Cream should be applied as as a complete base in itself. Most effective application is with fingertips in a patting manner and then blending the edges with a really soft brush such as the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. 
Before I go on to sing this product's praises finish-wise, I'll give a quick run down of a couple of negatives I encountered. Firstly, I didn't get on too well with the translucent powder because it is loose and I had trouble getting the right amount on my brush. I instead opted for my Rimmel translucent pressed powder and that mattified perfectly well. Secondly, I didn't think it was as good at covering fresh blemishes as it was in covering marks and scarring. 
With regard to finish, this product really surpassed my expectations. While the scarring I have is mildish and now mostly confined to one cheek, I regard this cream as an absolute miracle worker in covering my red marks. Not only does it last the whole day, but it doesn't become greasy or crease around the eyelids; quite a feat for my skin. The versatility of this product is just so impressive: it can be used for an all out flawless makeup look, a quick fix for popping to the shops, a crazy Halloween look or, according to their website, tattoo covering. This is the most airbrush-esque, camouflaging product I've ever come across. If you have any kind of old acne scars or discolouration I would 100% recommend you try this. 
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  1. This looks amazing! I have always wanted to try the Veil palette, you may of just given me a reason to!
    Thanks for leaving me your link tonight from the chat :)

    Megan xx

    1. It is literally camouflage! You should- let me know how you get on if you do :)xx