Thursday, 17 October 2013

Pink Pinspiration

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Hey Everyone!

After completing a (rather odd) english creative writing assignment based around my favourite colour, I got to thinking about why pink is my favourite colour. I came up with three reasons:
 1. Its relation to other colours 
Its quite a quirky colour- it doesn't have a sure polar but stands out in a palette in its own way. Its a mix of red (fiery, passionate) and white (mellow and pure) and there are a whole variety of different shades: cerise and crimson and fuschia and rose. I think it reflects my personality.
2. What it represents in society
It is a symbol of femanism, a colour used to bring all women together for the common cause of equality and fairness. I am a strong supporter of this cause in all its forms, and believe that pink represents more than just a colour: it is a force for unity.
3. Its superficial associations
Let's face it: pink is pretty! I'm a big fan of the whole sparkle and hearts shebang... as you can probably tell from the layout!

Do you actually know why your favourite colour is your favourite colour? Its actually really interesting to think about and not just say generically.

What started off as a few of my latest pins has turned into a philosophical post haha- this is what happens when I write late at night!

What is your favourite colour and why?
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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

My Everyday Makeup

Hey Everyone!

Since going back to school and changing seasons my everyday makeup has changed a fair bit so I thought I'd share it with you. Personally, I'd much rather an extra few minutes in my bed rather than spending ages putting on makeup so this look is quick and simple. 9 times out of 10 I'm also running late in the morning so the less I put on the better. 

I start with a base of MAC Mineralize Satin Finish foundation in shade NW20 which my cousin gave me after finding her HG in Chanel (Let's say I'm a tad jelous of her makeup collection). I then put Bourjois Pot Blush in Rose D'or on my cheekbones and MAC MSF in Soft & Gentle on top. 

Moving onto eyes, after curling my lashes, if I have time I will apply MUA Single Eyeshadow in shade 1 all over the lid and blend a little shade 17 into the outer corner, crease and lower lash line. I'll then line my upper lid with L'Oreal Super Liner and apply Clinique Lash Power mascara (long wearing formula). Then I'll sweep a bit of Avon Translucent powder over my whole face and finally pop on some Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me (this last step sometimes takes place on the way to the bus stop if I'm super short of time!).

This makeup lasts the day without reapplication (especially the mascara which is a big plus!). I still prefer my HG Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation but for now I may aswell use what I have of this MAC one. I'm still loving the MAC MSF though! I'm also really liking this mascara- I think the next one I buy will be a full size of one of the Clinique ones I've tried as they're just so darn good. 
I know my face and neck look two different colours but rest assured its just the lighting/ shadow :)
What are your everyday staples?
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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Umberto Giannini Salt Spray Review

Hey Everyone!

Taking into consideration the endless hype around salt sprays and the straightness and flatness of my hair, its a wonder I didn't purchase one sooner. After a very inspiring (and enabling) #bbloggers chat at the beginning of summer, I went a little crazy (by my standards at least) for hair products. I 'borrowed' (borrowed as in its still in my drawer months later) my mum's big can of mousse and bought myself L'Oreal Elnette Hairspray, a tangle teaser and, this bad boy. Apart from my tangle teaser, I have used Umberto Giannini's Glam Hair Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray (what a mouthful!) by far the most.

Firstly, the packaging is really sleek and elegant as well as sturdy and easy to use. You can't see inside though so I have no idea (except judging by weight and sound) of how much I've used or what the product actually looks like. I'd say the best thing about this is the smell. I think you'll all know how hopeless I am at describing smells but this to me is a really lasting, professional non-sweet, non-fruity hairdressersy smell. See, hopeless. 

I apply around 6 sprays all over my hair from a few inches from the roots and brush through. As for what is does to my hair: I'm not going to lie- there aren't miracles. My flat, straight hair isn't immediately transformed into voliminous beach waves. It does however make my hair a bit grungier (dry in a good way if you will)- still healthy but easier to style. It also holds in place anything I do do with my hair. I really like putting this in freshly washed hair and letting it dry naturally then putting it in a top knot over night as I actually have a bit of volume and wave (woop!). Its also really nice used when blow dried too. The only downside of this product is that it can make the ends a bit straw like so if your hair is already damaged I'd maybe steer clear.

Overall, I really like this product and the fact I'm using it almost every time I wash my hair says a lot. I will definitely repurchase.

Have you tried this? What other salt sprays do you recommend?
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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Autumn OOTD #1

Hey Everyone!

It stuck me a few days ago that I hardly ever do OOTD's and since I do like to have a bit of fashion incorporated here and there with beauty and a heap of other random stuff, I set about getting some pictured. I hope you'll excuse the fact I photographed all 3 of my autumn OOTD's (#2 & #3 coming in the next few weeks!) in the one day. I almost never have the time (or the lighting) to take a picture of the outfit I'm wearing that day so just do a kind of lookbook and divide them up.
Top: H&M
Skirt: Primark

What I love most about this outfit is the colours. The light mocha/ mauve colour harmonizes so nicely with the burgundy and both are perfect autumn colours. I hardly ever wear any of the two maxi skirts I own and  really should make the effort to as they're really comfortable and still on trend. I went for quite a casual look with this basic top but the outfit could be made fancier by the addition of jewellery and accessories (I was planning on adding a belt but the brown I had didn't go). I'm actually also wearing my own ring from Accessorize (even though you can't see it) which is so cute and again, perfect for this time of year. Isn't it weird how you associate different animals and colours with different seasons? Also, for those of you who are interested, the makeup look I'm wearing here will be posted next Tuesday.

Hope you're having a good day so far!
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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Current Makeup Setup

Hey Everyone!

With the changing seasons comes a slight change up of my makeup setup. I've said it before but I love this acrylic makeup stand as I can see where everything is without raking through a bag for what I want and it also looks interesting (and hopefully not too cluttered). 

The most important new addition to my everyday makeup is MAC Mineralize Satin Finish foundation which I have been wearing religiously and really liking (full review to come!). You may also notice the reappearance of Kate Moss Lipstick in Shade 107 for A/W- its so weird- it feels like only a few days ago I said I was putting this away for summer. I've also been wearing my Maybelline Baby Lips to school as its so quick to apply, has a sight colour and smells amazing. You might notice that the Maybelline BB Cream is still hovering- I don't know what to do with it as I'm never going to use it (review here).

I also had a major makeup clearout a few weeks- it was crazy how much makeup I had that was wayy too old, way finished or I would never wear. 
Included in the toss pile were a few orange poweders, mascaras which had gone off, questionable shades of eyeshadows (lime green anyone?) and kiddy/ play makeup. I think its important not to hold onto things you aren't going to use because someone else might be able to get some use out of them.

How do you store your makeup?
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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Topshop Wishlist

Hey Everyone!

I know it may be a bit of an unproductive way to spend time (unproductive? me?) but I really enjoy browsing through Topshop's lines and playing "If I had unlimited money". Although, now I'm working (yay)- this doesn't seem quite so unrealistic. 
From left to right and down:
MOTO White Leigh Jeans
Crop Strappy Cami
MOTO Dark Vintage Joni Jeans
Vintage Crossbody Bag
Nails in Plume
MOTO Aertex Side Hotpants

The first two items are actually in the sale at the moment! I've wanted white jeans for a while (I'd be scared of getting them dirty though!) and of course, everyone and their granny is really into these cami tops at the moment and I really want to get my hands on one (for a reasonable price). I really like these super high waisted joni jeans- I'm not sure how flattering they would be on the old butt but I'm going to at least try them on when I'm next in store. Also, I've been needing a new day to day bag for ages as my old Primark one is literally falling to pieces and I think this soft faux leather one is lovely. As I've mentioned in a few posts, I love my Topshop nail polish in "eclipse" and I want to try different colours- "plume" is my favourite. Finally, I also really need new denim shorts as mine have really seen better days. I may end up settling with a pair from H&M or Primark though- got to be savvy!

And the grand total of these 6 items is £124- I will keep dreaming!
Which is your favourite?

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