Monday, 9 September 2013

My Nail Polish Collection Part 1

Hey Everyone!

Months ago now, someone commented requesting a nail polish collection post. I love getting requests from you all and this one took me ages to get around to but here I am finally doing it. I'm splitting it up into two parts so the post isn't too huge. I thought I'd just take pictures and tell you a bit about what I think of each. 

NB: Shades are written from left to right
Barry M Nail Paints in 303 "Bright Purple", 295 "Pure Turqoise", 291 "Cobalt Blue" and 272 "Shocking Pink"

I really like the colour range of the Barry M colours. They have a nice consistency and apply well. I do find though that they 'peel' off really easily especially with more than one coat.

Nails Inc Polish in "denim", "warwick avenue" and "beauchamp place"

I haven't actually paid full price for one of these (as mine have been presents/ came with magazines) but I don't think I would. They're good products and have great lasting power but for me they're not worth the £11 price tag.

H&M Nail Polish in various shades.

I think most of these are limited edition (I bought the sets in Barcelona) but for an alternative to Superdrug's selection these are great and because they're dinky you can get through them without them drying up. Only thing I would say is that application is a little tricky.
Missguided Nail Polishes in "missmatch" and "misstique"

I really like these and should wear them more often. I don't wear orange polish a lot (or ever) but these are a nice consistency, last well and have great colour payoff. 
NYC Nail Varnish in "244B Downtown" and "206 East Village"

These are good value for money but are have a very liquidy consistency meanining it can be difficult to apply wthout streaking and if you're impatient (like me!) there's the risk of smudging if you apply too many coats too soon.

w7 Nail Polish in "86 Metallic Mercury", "87 Metallic Venus" and "88 Metallic Mars"

I really like these polishes, especially the glittery one on the left. w7 is a very reasonably priced brand and I think the quality is great so I want to try more from them. I never thought I'd like brown nail polish but these are amazing- they're different colours in different lights and are really nice for autumn/ winter.

Maybelline Express Finish 50 Second Nail Colour, MAX Factor Nailfinity "704 Disco Pink", Collection Lasting Colour "9 Coral Reef", 

I'm not one for top coats as I don't notice improvements in lasting power of the polish, only a nice shine over it, so these clear polishes are a bit unloved. The others are nice, bold colours but are a bit unloved compared to my other nail polishes.

Miss Cole Flawless Finish Trio

Despite the fact these look a little like kids paints, these polishes are actually really nice! I particularly like the silver on the right for a top coat over colours as it gives a shimmery, frosty look- something different!

China Glaze Nail Lacquer in "1037 Fuchsia Fanatic"

I love love love this! Although it came with a slightly higher price tag than what I usually spend on nail polish, I'd say its worth it. This gorgeous shocking pink comes in a pretty big bottle and is really pretty and lasting.

I hope you enjoyed this 'Show and Tell' style post. Some of these polishes have more in depth reviews which you can view by using the search tool in the right sidebar or by clicking the tag "nails" at the end of this post.

Part 2 will be up on Wednesday!
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  1. such pretty colors! I don't have as many polishes as you though! :)

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin'

    1. Thanks! Oh I have too many-can't buy anymore xx