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Autumn/ Fall Hair Trends & Ideas

Hey Everyone!

It seems like all I talk about recently is hair (here and here!), how mine is boring yada yada and how I am constantly trying to find a hairstyle that is simple, quick and looks good. So, instead of having a good old moan today, I thought I'd turn to the A/W 13 fall hair trend reports for a bit of inspiration and give a few styles a go.

There seems to be a whole lot of low pony tails, intricate plaits and tousled down dos. Embracing your own hair seems to be big, rather than straightening or curling- which suits me perfectly! To try these out all I did was wash and blow dry my hair (I don't use heat on it a lot so this was a special day!). I'm currently using a strawberry Avon shampoo and conditioner combination which smells lovely. I also used Umberto Giannini Salt Spray and my tangle teaser as well as a few bobbles and kirbies. 

Instead of going to town with the teasing brush, mousse, hairspray and tongs, I decided to see what I could do with my naturally straight, pretty flat hair. Obviously my hair is pretty long now (yay) and you might struggle to interpret these yourself if you have shorter hair.  A possible solution to this is hair extensions which give you a bit more to work with and are great for instantly long locks without waiting for it to grow. These are available online at . Just always ensure you give your hair breaks from extensions and use a good conditioner. Shiny hair is a sign of health after all. 

The Down Do
Here we have the simplest of the simple: a straight blow dry side parted style. Although I do like the look of this in general, for me its quite impractical as my hair always goes in my eyes/ covers my face and it does my head in. I have lately been considering getting a side fringe but I'm worried the hairdresser would do it 'choppy' rather than 'sweeping' and blending gradually into my hair. Don't you just love the technical terms of hair?
To solve this 'half the face covered' problem, I popped in a little white rose kirby accessory (which Melanie very kindly sent me!). Admittedly, it is more of a summer accessory, but since I'm still a little peeved at how short summer was, I'm hanging onto every last drop of it! I do think it looks really pretty though and although I haven't specifically spotted the likes of this on the A/W catwalk, I think its a good alternative to the complicated mini buns and side plaits. I wear my hair kirbied when its down on an everyday basis so maybe I should switch it up a little and wear a cute accessory like this.
An alternative hair-down style is this swept look. It seems to be everywhere just now but I haven't quite mastered it. If I were to wear it out it would just flop. I'm mind boggled at how people's hair stays in place like this without falling into a shed (defying gravity anyone?). I think I'd need a whole lot more product and back colmbing to have even a chance. Let me know in the comments if you have any tips/ insider info on how to work this style.

The Fishtail Plait
Next up, a side fishtail braid. I've loved this style ever since it surfaced over a year ago and its popping up again everywhere this season. Its an interesting alternative to the run of the mill plait and is so simple to do once you get the hang of it. All you do it divide your hair into two sections and alternatively take small strands from each side and cross them over to the other. (Google a video tutorial if that makes no sense!). For a messier look, I tugged loose the braid and added the white rose kirby. I also like this style as it really highlights my ombre. 

The Up Do
Ok so admittedly, I didn't see one high ponytail while browsing fall hair trends, but I couldn't not include this as it is pretty much my go-to. Its simple, super quick and again, makes the ends of my hair contrast nicely with the top. I have a similar tutorial on it here (excuse the onesie).
This style incorporates two of the big hair trends of the moment: the bun and the braid (that sounds like a film!). Its super simple to achieve: just plait a high pony normally and twist into a bun. Its a versatile style and if you wanted to make it more relaxed and messy just partly pull bits out.

The Low Ponytail
Search 'fall 2013 hair trends' and pretty much every second result will be a sleek low ponytail with some sort of plait incorporated. I went for a simple plait to one side and tied it all at the nape of my neck. I then pushed the pony through itself to create this more intricate looking style. Whilst I like this for being elegant and something different, I probably wouldn't wear it on an everyday basis. I guess I'm scarred by my middle shed low ponys of my childhood haha.

What is your favourite hair style this season?
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