Thursday, 6 June 2013

Review: Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick in Pink-a-boo

Hey Everyone!

 One of the perks of shopping at high end makeup counters is the freebies- especially at bonus time. As a girl on a budget, this isn't something I do often, so I always tag along when my mum is. This lipstick was part of a spring bonus at Clinique a few months ago, and was given to me because my mum wasn't too keen on it.

I'm not a big one for lipgloss: I have tried a whole lot of different kinds but the texture and lack of pigmentation always put me off. However, I think this Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick strikes exactly the right balance between lipstick, gloss and balm.

The packaging is pretty and high quality. The product is rose pink in colour with flecks of gold shimmer. Its very smooth and soft with the texture of a lip balm. On the lips it gives a lovely sheen and good amount of colour- perfect for day to day. Its lasting power is pretty surprising- it will stay put for a good few hours. Its moisturising and doesn't feel sticky at all. It reminds me of  a higher end version of the Revlon Lip Butters.

This is my go to product at the moment- its so easy to pop on and go. I'm always more into eyes than lips and this is a great, subtle option.


  1. Oh this is a really lovely colour hun xx

  2. This is such a pretty colour, I love Clinique bonus time lol
    Kirsty x

    1. I know! Me too- I think its on just now in Boots xx