Tuesday, 4 June 2013

MUA Neutral Palettes - Swatches & Reviews

Hey Everyone!

I have to admit, no matter how adventurous I'm feeling- I'm a true neutral eye shadow gal at heart and 9 times out of 10 I'll be wearing one of these three MUA palettes. At only £4 a pop they're well worth a try. 
First up is Heaven and Earth- my first MUA palette! I've had a lot of use out of this- I used it everyday for the first few months after I bought it. It consists of 12 shimmery neutrals- creams, muted golds and browns. You can create anything from a bit of subtle depth to a full on, sultry, smokey eye. Its weird to say this about powder shadows but they're actually almost creamy in texture because they're so highly pigmented and soft so they blend very easily and there isn't a whole lot of fall out. I regret that I don't actually use this palette as much as I should- it will be perfect in the coming weeks with bronzed cheeks and a tan. The only disappointing thing about this is that the packaging broke- though this could just be down to how often its been used.
This is my favourite palette of the three! Undressed is made up of a mixture of mattes and shimmers, each very well pigmented, though the mattes aren't just as pigmented as the shimmers. Undressed is slightly more colourful than the Heaven and Earth palette, but the shades are so wearable and never get boring. The dusky pinks, golds, khaki, deep blue and taupes seem like a random selection, but they compliment each other amazingly. Never would I have thought of creating a smokey eye of rose blending into muted blue, but by golly it looks fab! Again a slight disappointment with the packaging though- the applicator fell apart just a few days after I got it. But the price and quality make this a HG item in my book. 
The Undress Me Too is a cooler version of Heaven and Earth- with more grey tones than gold. The packaging has changed to white which I think looks cleaner for longer, and is more sturdy. I can't say a whole lot about this as I haven't given it as much of a test run as the others- but from what I can tell it is another A* product. You can see from the swatches how highly pigmented the shades are.

Do you have any of these palettes? Which is your favourite?


  1. They are such a bargain, I have all three xx


    1. Such good value! Yay high five xx

  2. I haven't tried any of these but I really want to - I have the Artiste Palette which I love (my favourite shadows are starting to hit pan!) & my all time favourite eyeshadow collection, the Innocence trio hit pan a while ago and is well on its way to being completely used up - I haven't tried a single MUA product I haven't loved so I'm super excited to give these a go soon!

    1. Definitely try them! Ooh I don't have them I'll need to give them a go. xx