Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Soap and Glory: Peaches and Clean 4 in 1 Cleansing Milk Review

Hey Everyone!

Its weird because I'm such a huge Soap & Glory fan, with heaps of their stuff, but I hardly ever review it. I'm going to start doing more reviews of their products because they're one of my favourite brands. 

For Christmas, I got the Best Of All gift set which consisted of 9 of Soap and Glory's best selling products, including 'Peaches and Clean 4 in 1 Cleansing Milk'. I was pretty pleased that this was included in the gift set though as at first I thought it was a face wash and my Clinique one was running out. I am hopeless with skin care but try to use some sort of cleanser/ wash in the shower. When I discovered this was actually a makeup remover I was even more intrigued.
Firstly, ain't the packaging just lovely? True to Soap & Glory, it is vintage-esque and kitsch and I much prefer the pump dispenser to tubes. The product is creamy, slightly yellow and had a very strong smell of peaches. I'm not the biggest fan of the smell but its not so sickly that I can't stand to use it.
To put its claim 'Melts away makeup' to the test, I started with a full face of makeup and rubbed a decent amount all over my face. True to its claim, it does seem to break down the makeup really easily (as you can see with it smeared all over my face). I felt like it also collected the makeup so when I washed it off most of the makeup went with it and I was left really fresh faced. However, when I went over my skin with a wipe, I found quite a considerable amount of makeup still on my face. I'm not counting the eye area as its not intended for that, (as I learned the hard way) but as you can see it didn't take off the entirety of my foundation. 

For this reason, I wouldn't rely solely on this as a makeup remover, but I am incorporating it into my skin care routine by using it in the shower after I've taken on the majority of my makeup with a wipe. You could do this in the reverse order, I just like the lasting fresh feeling after using Peaches.

I think it is worth the price as it does leave your skin squeaky clean and makes getting makeup off a whole lot less laborious.

You can buy Peaches and Clean from Boots here.

A strong peach smelling creamy makeup remover which I will use in addition to wipes to remove my makeup. Leaves your skin feeling fresh and is good value for money.

Have you tried Peaches and Clean? What do you think of it?
I said 'makeup' a total of 11 times in this post!


  1. Love the photo's they make such a difference to the post. Ive got this product and havent yet used it xx


    1. Aw that's good to know- I thought they were a bit scary! xx

  2. Great review post :)

  3. It sounds lovely! I have seen this before at the drug store but never have really looked at it/picked it up. I definitely wanna try it!
    Thanks for sending your link via twitter, you blog is fantastic! <33

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

    1. It really is. Yeah I'd definitely recommend it, its so convenient! No probs- glad you enjoy it xx

  4. I love my Peaches and Clean but it never takes my makeup off :)
    Awesome review

    Roxy's Box of Tricks  

    1. I know I think its best in addition to something else! Thanks! xx

  5. This looks like a lovely product and I love the packaging! I've only just started using Soap & Glory products but I'm loving them so far :) x