Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Topshop Wishlist

Hey Everyone!

I have a wish that I think is common amongst most of us: an unlimited budget to spent in Topshop- how amazing would that be?! After a recent trip, I have accumulated quite a wishlist which I thought I'd share with you! I am thinking of just biting the bullet and buying a few of these things after my exams. I think I can justify the cost with all my hard work and the fact that they will last me ages compared to my usual Primark stuff!
1. Link 
I would usually consider this pattern to be a little too much but I actually think this blouse is so nice and I love the collar tips!
2. Link 
Monochrome trend anyone?
3. Link 
I think this is so simple and pretty and would be lovely in spring/summer.
4. Link 
This simply had to be included as its down to £30 and I've been lusting after it for ages. Not sure how practical it would be in summer though!
5. Link 
I still really want disco pants!
6. Link 
This is definitely top of the list. I love this- I think it would be so versatile!
7. Link 
I'm loving my green polish like this and want to try other colours!
8. Link 
I find myself constantly in need of a pair of black shorts- I don't have any!
9. Link 
I'm really liking nude polish at the mo!

What's your favourite?


  1. I've been considering investing in a denim skater skirt, too. Great wishlist, so many lovely things!

    - Sho
    http://shonalouxo.blogspot.ie x

    1. Thanks- if only I could buy it all!xx

  2. I love everything on Topshop and I find it impossible to pick a small amount of favourite pieces from their site. I wish I could shop there in my country. Lovely blog (: x


    1. It was a struggle! Aw what country? Thanks! xx

  3. I want disco pants so much too x

  4. I've been going off topshop for a while but I really like some of your picks. Especially the monochrome and Lacey top


    1. Oh how come? The prices are what put me off the most! Thanks! xx