Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Cute Decor Ideas

Hey Everyone!

How are you? I am finished my exams (woohoo!) which means some time to myself! I'm currently sitting watching Friends all cosy with the snow outside. Today I done my History exam, then came home (rather drenched!) watched YouTube videos and caught up on Pretty Little Liars, which had me a nervous wreck to be honest- I can't handle the dramatic music haha! Do you watch it?

Looking back on old posts yesterday reminded me that I used to do decor themed posts and since I still really enjoy DIY and recycled decor, I thought I'd show you some of my ideas! 
 I think this is an amazing storage solution (if I do say so myself.) The medium and small jars are washed out candles and the larger one had sweets in it. I really like clear storage as you can grab what you're looking for really quickly. What's even better, I didn't have to spent a fortune- applause all around.
 This is another recycled container- it was the packaging of scented drawer pouches and I thought it was wayy too pretty to throw out. And anyone who knows me will know I am an absolute sucker for anything floral! 
 I also think its really nice to just display some of your favourite products. Not only to they look pretty, but save me delving into drawers when I want to use them. And fairy lights are always a cute touch.
Finally, I put these miniature decorative plates on my wall (one attached with a cork pin, the other with blue tac because I'm just so resourceful!). They used to be my mum's and she was going to sell them at a car bootsale and I grabbed them! They're so pretty and vintage I thought they made lovely touches to my wall.

So that's everything! I hope you have gained a little inspiration from my ideas :)

Would you like to see more of this kind of post?


  1. Hi Lovely!

    Just thought I would comment back about the question you left on my blog about the Urban Decay Palette.

    I think if you want a mixture of mattes/shimmers go for the larger palette, but if you want an everyday palette for work,school, college etc then BASICS would be great :D

    India xox The Jewel Beauty Blog |Beauty,Lifestyle & Fashion!

    1. Thank you that's so considerate!

      Great advice, I appreciate it xx

  2. Such pretty decor! Love the floral box, super duper cute xo

  3. The first idea is great! I was looking for a way to store them all together neatly :)xx