Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Fashion TAG

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday I was tagged by the lovely Melanie from to do the fashion tag and I thought it looked like a great one do to!
1. How would you describe your style?
I don't know an exact name but definitely girly, oxford style. I might try and incorporate different trends as they pass but mostly I stick to the same kind of thing. 
2. What are your wardrobe staples?
Peter pan collar blouses!
3. Most expensive item in your closet?
I thought about this for ages and I don't actually have an extraordinarily expensive items in my wardrobe. They're mostly in the under £30 range! Maybe my Hollister cardigan actually which was about £60, but I don't wear it very often and actually I'm not sure if I still have it!
4. Most wanted item?
Pretty much everything from Topshop. More specifically though, I would like new tops and another good pair of jeans.
5. Favourite designer?
Again, since most of my clothes are high street I have little experience of designers! I'll say Dior as I did a project on Christian Dior for school a few years ago and I got a Dior skirt (age 12) from TKMaxx about 5 years ago for £15 that I often still try and squeeze into!
6. How much do you spend on clothes?
It depends how much I go shopping that month or if there are sales on etc but in general I don't spend a lot on clothes maybe £30 a month!
7. What are your favourite stores to shop at?
There are heaps- I was actually considering a blog post on this? But H&M, Primark, New Look and Forever 21.
8. Favourite fragrance?
In my current perfume collection its Marc Jacobs Daisy but I have samples of Dot and Lady Million which I love too.
9. What's your favourite way to do your hair?
Ideal situation, curly, though I rarely curl my hair and when I do it usually fails so I get someone else to! On a day to day basis I have 3 hairstyles:
Hair down with side pattern, high ponytail, messy bun (those are in order of easiest to most time consuming, bearing in mind hair down takes less than a minute and messy bun takes 5 minutes)
10. What is your go-to outfit when you have nothing to wear?
Probably my trusty H&M skinny jeans and a collared top- I'm so predictable!
11. One fashion trend you wish would come back or stay?
I want peplums to stay because I really like my peplum. I also want to see the kind of tie-dye trend come back in summer as I bought dye and a pair of cheap shorts but never dyed them!
12. Show us your most prized possession in your wardrobe.
H&M skinny jeans- I never have them off, particularly at this time of year!

13. Tag some people.
Instead of tagging specific people, I thought I'd tag you all- anyone reading this! Be sure to let me know in the comments if you do so I can read yours!


  1. I did this tag! I love Daisy too, it's so girly and the bottle is adorable xxx