Thursday, 4 October 2012

Let's Talk

Hey Everyone!

So it occurred to me that I don't really have a great deal of interaction with all you lovely followers. Of course sometimes you'll leave comments and tweet me but I don't really know anything about you. So, I'd like you to comment 5 random things about yourself along with a link to a picture that inspires you. 

This is mine:
  •  I, living up to the name of this blog, become extremely over-obsessed with things and go on and on and on to anyone who will listen. These things range from a worry to a new make up product.
  • My worst habit is biting my nails and picking off my nail polish. I don't blame you if you are revolted- I am too- I just can't stop!
  •  My hair is really boring- it is poker straight and flat and does nothing.
  •  I absolutely love anything pretty- vintage, shabby chic, dusty pink, sparkles- that shiz just thrills me!
  •  I am a serial sleeper- I will literally fall asleep anywhere- especially my chemistry class.
This is a picture from Pinterest (which I wish I had more time to browse because I lurvess it and Tanya Burr follows me!). 
Ok I actually found it really, really hard to pick just one picture from my Pinterest- I love them all! I decided on this pin though as it can literally be applied to anything and its basically saying be optimistic :)

This is a pretty random post, and I realise I will look pretty silly if no one comments so, if your reading this, don't leave me hanging talking to cyber nothingness haha!
Please note- normal posts like reviews and stuff will return soon- I'm just super busy!


  1. ahhh now I understand the obsession with orange lipstick! ;)
    1. I have a little (very annoying) sister called Freya
    2. I'm left handed
    3. I've never drank tea before
    4. I'm an avid nail painter and I won't leave the house without nail polish on
    5. I ALWAYS have a hairband around my wrist- seriously I don't think there has been a time in the past 5+ years where I haven't had one on my wrist (just in case I want to tye my hair up...)

    this is my favourite photo at the moment (also from pinterest!) but if you look through my '[retty things' board they all make me happy! :D

    Oh and that's so cool that tanya follows you!

    1. Haha I know, and after all that I'm not even that crazy about orange lipstick!
      Oh you've never drank tea? Do so immediately its amazing :) Oh I wish I was that person with the wristband but I always find myself wanting to put my hair up and not having one to be able to :) Oh my goodness that picture is so lovely- going to follow you immediately! xx

  2. Haha that was a cute post actually :) I'm feeling pretty weird for listing random facts about me, as this blog is obviously about you but I'm joining in though :)

    -I used to bite my nails until the age of 21 and only stopped because I got obsessed with nail varnish and wanted it to look pretty on my nails too!
    -There are four beautyspots next to my nose which form a neat square
    -My first guniea pig died just 3 days after I got it because my baby sister stepped on it accidentally [thats a sad fact, sorry about that]
    -I'm having a pretty hard time deciding on literally anything
    -I rather dream things up instead of facing up to reality

    Finding only one inspiring picture is tricky indeed, I chose this one because I think sometimes you need to experience bad things to treasure the good things in life :) (embarrassingly I don't know how to link the picture properly) xx

    1. Woo glad you've joined in! Ooh I wish I could have that motivation but literally nothing can stop me biting :( Cool- I don't have any! Oh man that had to suck- especially for the guniea pig! Haha :P I really liked that picture I pinned it hehe. And don't worry about it I don't know how to properly link pictures to comments anyway xx