Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Review | Primark French Nails

Hey Everyone!

For as long as I can remember, I've had the habit of biting my nails. I have kind of accepted them after countless attempts of trying to stop though it doesn't stop me lusting after long, beautifully manicured nails.
I have tried press on nails before, though I got tired of them being uncomfortable and constantly popping off. A while ago whilst in Primark I picked up their French Nails and I have to admit I am really impressed!
The application was pretty straight forward. The glue that comes with the nails was super sticky- in fact it came with a warning that it could immediately stick fingers to eyeballs (!) which I was a tad horrified by. I also had a little difficulty getting the glue out of the tube, but I just cut off the top and hoped that was what you were supposed to do. I spread an even layer of glue onto my nails and they held the falsies on securely. I really likes the size of the nails- they weren't huge and unusable like most drugstore sets but petite and a good size for my fingers.
After a day or so of wearing them the full length the came (see above) I decided to file them down as they were a little uncomfortable (eg. pins and needles in the morning and I had difficulty writing).
So this is the final result! The nails lasted a good few days although a couple popped off but I reapplied with an extra layer of glue and they were fine. They probably would have lasted a lot longer had my fidgety habit not kicked in and I pulled them all off (eek I know, nail torture). 

Admittedly, falsies are probably not the best for your nails as in time they will weaken them, but to be honest I put my nails through so much what with all the biting and peeling off nail varnish that it probably doesn't make a whole lot of difference. However, I will only use these once in a while as I think my nails deserve a bit of a break to recover.

I love how polished and neat my nails look with them on. Also, when filed down they were incredibly comfortable and I didn't even notice they were there. All in all, I think £1 is an excellent price and they're well worth trying, as in my opinion they look almost as good as salon ones at a fraction of the cost.

Have you tried these? Have you any tricks to strengthen my nails after use?


  1. Wow, those look really good to say they were that cheap! I think for that price it doesn't matter if they only last a few days. I tried the Impress Press-On Manicure ones for £8 and they lasted literally a few days. I'd definitely try these :)

    Terri xo littlegoldstars.blogspot.com

    1. Yeah definitely try them- they're SUCH great value :) I completely agree! Ooh really? I have had my eye on those, but have been put off by the price xx

  2. i have them on now they have lasted 4 weeks now xx