Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Bargain | Latest Thrift Finds

Hey Everyone!

Of all the great things I have taken from being part of the blogging community, I would say what I am most thankful for is loosing my 'snobbishness' towards thrift stores. I am constantly inspired by many of my favourite bloggers/ YouTubers putting together amazing outfits with second hand bargains. I am lucky enough to have a great area of vintage/ charity shops around 20 minutes from me and last weekend my mum and I took a little venture to them so I thought I would share my luckies. (Prepare for denim overload!)
Denim Shirt (Originally Primark) - £2

Denim Shorts (Originally Next) - £2

Dark Wash Skinnies (Originally H&M) - £2
Ornamental Glass Bottle - £1

Pretty good huh? I originally just wanted a pair of jeans to customise which is where the H&M ones came in but they are such a good fit I am just going to wear them as they are. I also came across the denim shirt and thought I could style it up really nicely. Then I got the shorts (I plan to cut, distress, dye and stud them!) and the glass ornament which actually sell for like £25 on fancy decor sites! 

Have you found any gems in thrift stores lately?


  1. That glass bottle is so pretty! Can't wait to see your DIY shorts. I haven't been in a charity shop for agessss, must have a look sometime, everyone seems to find some great items!

    Charlotte xo

  2. I have those black skinnies from H&M! I shelled out £15 for them. Well done you. :D


  3. These are amazing finds! I love that denim top and the shorts!