Friday, 13 July 2012

Update | I'm Back! & New YouTube Video

Hey Everyone!

Firstly, thank you for putting up with the scheduled posts lately, as some of you may know, I have been on holiday (yay!). I went to Barcelona, but no doubt you will know all about that soon as I will be posting all about it over the next few days. I have many OOTD's, a huge video haul and the holiday in instagrams- ooh exciting isn't it? That leads me nicely onto my second YouTube video which has now been uploaded: Barcelona Haul Part 1. Yes, I bought so much that I had to split it up into two videos, but oh well, if you can't push the boat out on holiday when can you? Though I managed to get so many bargains- it was amazing as there were sales everywhere! 
Cheesy picture- I know ;)
And especially for you- a behind the scenes look at the mess I had created by the end of the video:
So this video will be embedded (fancy eh?) but if it doesn't work you can visit my channel here.
Also, a little update on my life at the moment:
As you will probably know, the summer holidays are in full swing (hip, hip, hooray!) and right now I could not be happier. I am very much enjoying having no stressful school work and filling my days with things I really love doing. I have also been getting myself super organised; tonight I wrote out all the lists I mentioned in the video and I am super excited for my upcoming videos and posts. I am aiming to blog more regularly over the summer (maybe even everyday, though that might be a tad ambitious?) and I've got a whole heap of posts planned (I feel like I've said that like a million times, sorry if this is getting a bit repetitive its the early hours of the morning and I tend to get a bit rambly when I am tired.) 

I have also joined my local fitness club, so over the next month I will be doing a lot of classes and spending time at the gym. At the moment, I am so unfit, so I am kind of predicting my first session (today) to be like something out of MTV where the people are like on the floor vomiting and stuff (eurghh!). 

As well as that, I'm just doing my usual- reading blogs, watching way too much YouTube, catching up on TV and doing other bits and bobs. I am interested in doing some DIY projects over the summer, and I have already made (a rather awful) attempt at a nail polish display unit. A word of advice: make sure your 'shelves' are sturdy enough to actually hold the nail polishes before you put them on. Paper is not a good idea. Toes = almost broken. Me = screaming in pain.

So I think I better go to bed before this post hits novel status, well done to anyone who has actually sat and read through the whole thing. Sometimes, I think my blog is more of a place to just fire out all my thoughts and kind of gather my ideas together and sort them out so they're not just floating around in my head in disarray, rather than some hot shot professional review machine. But in many ways I think its better like this, more personal. And also you lovely readers get to glimpse inside the jumble and ramble and confusion and bustle of my brain. 

Oh man I am really going on now, I need to just stop. Good night (well actually I will post this tomorrow as 02.15 is hardly a socially acceptable posting hour). So much for getting the most out of my days by going to bed every night before 12 and getting up every morning before 10. That plan = fail. Already. Though I did get up at 9ish this morning, which was a major achievement considering I went to bed at 2ish last night. I was a complete zombie though. Starting tomorrow I will get myself into a normal person's sleeping routine. Oh my, am I still writing? Will this ever end? Will it? Yep! Night :)


  1. hahaha sorry but i laughed when i read "Make she the shelves are not paper." OMG poor you :P Good luck at the gym!!! And I'm excited to see part 2 of your Barcelona haul! :) x

    1. Haha yea I've learned that secure and supported shelves are a must for any display :P Thanks! Woo I'll put it up tonight xx

  2. Ah, subscribed to your YT channel :D I love the forever21 top!

    1. Aw thanks! Woo I know I love it so much I wore it today <3