Tuesday, 24 July 2012

OOTD | Barcelona Outfit No.4

Hey Everyone!

It really does look like these outfits are spanning the whole summer- argh! Perhaps I'll just write them all really quick and post 2 a day?
This is another outfit I wore to the beach. This is my number one summer outfit- very fresh and light. The oranges and warm browns are also very appropriate in the sun. The top and shorts (I know, they look like a skirt) are from H&M last year and the cardigan, sunglasses and belt are from Primark (still available). Although it was hot, I sometimes wore a cardigan to the beach for extra sun protection. I also often scraped my hair back into this kind of bun to keep it off my face and neck and to keep me cool (tutorial here). I really like this outfit as it matches so well but its a shame that it only really makes an appearance once a year- on holiday.

Do you like it?