Saturday, 28 April 2012

Saturday Shopping 4: Backpacks

Hey Everyone :)

Recently I have been absolutely loving backpacks- they're fab for school, day trips and much more. I have always liked the comfort of backpacks but I've only started getting into them recently as every shop seems to be offering many styles. Sadly out of the 3 I've bought so far, 2 have broken. In general I don't think backpacks rip or break very easily I think its just a combination of Primark's 'iffy' quality and my huge pile of heavy books that get squeezed in everyday! So I'll start with ones I've bought:

This is my first backpack and its from Primark. It was the most gorgeous soft brown faux leather with the lovely floral lining you can see below. Sadly the strap on this broke after a few months of daily use. For £10 (or thereabouts) I don't think that was too bad. I would definitely buy this again if it was still available.

This is still available in Primark for £8. I wouldn't recommend this for school, uni or college as it's quite small in comparison to the others and this started to rip within a few weeks of purchase. I do however love the colours and it also comes in navy and orange.
This is the backpack I'm currently using. Its a really good size and its more of a traditional backpack rather than the cute modern interpretations above. This seems so sturdy and after a week or so of use it seems to be coping well with my heavy load! It doesn't have a compartment inside for my phone, though there is a zipped pocket on the front but I'm a bit paranoid and don't like to use those as I feel my stuff might get pinched! This also actually came with a charm on the front pocket zip but I thought it looked very cheap and ruined the bags look so I just took it off.

And here are some bags I've spotted online which I love the look of:

1. Striped Denim Backpack £34 from Topshop. I think this looks so summery and cute.
2. Blue Acid Wash Backpack £34 from Topshop. I also love this as it would be big enough for all my books!
3. Shiny Pack Cloth School Bag £40 from American Apparel. This is my favourite- its so jazzy and attention grabbing.
4. ASOS Ice Cream Backpack £35 from . I think this is super cute and looks good enough to eat. I don't know if I would be brave enough to wear it though as its so 'out there.'

Which is your favourite? Do you have a backpack?


  1. my favourites are the two from topshop, love all the striped items they have in there at the moment, great post!x

    1. Oh yes I love the stripes too! I recently got striped jeans and I love them! xx